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TECHNICAL SEMINAR 11.15-11.45 Technical Seminar Room Hall B2 Innova Topic : Top Ten Trends 2018 12.00–12.30 Technical Seminar Room Hall A1 Kyowa Hakko Bio Singapore Pte. Ltd. Topic : Setria ® - The Glutathione for HIM & HER Speaker : Watanabe Honomi, Science Affairs Group-Marketing Department Synopsis : “Setria ® Glutathione is a tripeptide consisting of three amino acids: L-glutamate, L-cysteine and glycine. Glutathione is often called the “master antioxidant” and is found in all cells, tissues, body fluids and organ systems. Glutathione is a critical player in numerous bodily processes, including antioxidant protection, detoxification & immune system support. Supplementing with Setria ® Glutathione replenishes body stores of glutathione which declines with aging, UV irradiation, oxidative stress and harmful chemicals. Here, we will give an introduction to the clinically tested benefits of Setria ® Glutathione for skin health and the potential benefits for men’s health through KYOWA’s originated combination with Setria ® .” Language : English 12.00–12.30 Technical Seminar Room Hall A3 SMS Corporation Co., Ltd. Topic : Veggie Non-Dairy Creamer: Emerging Concept through Innovative Food Starch Speaker : Dr.Werawat Lertwanawatana, CEO Dr.Burachat Sritongtae, Assistant Food Innovation Manager Synopsis : Non-dairy creamer (NDC) is commonly consumed with coffee. For the veggie NDC, casein needs to be removed from the formula. This results in decreased emulsion stability which leads to reduced whiteness in creamer. Plant-based protein, especially from legume may improve the emulsion stability of the creamer. However, coagulation of protein in coffee still cause feathering which significantly affect the appeal of the coffee. The Innovative starch improves the quality of NDC by improving emulsion stability, stabilizing oil during spray dry process and no feathering effect after coffee preparation. Language : English 12.00–12.30 Technical Seminar Room Hall D1 Lautan Natural Krimerindo, PT : FiberCrème ™ : Synergies in Dietary Fiber and Good Fats to Topic Create Nutritious yet Tasty Food and Beverages Speaker : Mr. Hendrik Gunawan , Director of PT. Lautan Natural Krimerindo Synopsis : FiberCreme ™ presents a multi-purpose creamer packed with oligosaccharides as natural source of fiber (27-30% fiber content), with sumptuous creamy taste. Acting as prebiotic and natural sweetener, the oligosaccharides contribute ample benefits to human digestive system. Not only high in fiber, FiberCreme™ is also low in sugar (<1.5%), cholesterol-free, trans-fat-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free. Moreover, based on our clinical study, FiberCreme™ shows lower and slower glucose response compared to glucose, making it suitable for diabetic patients and weight management program. Another study on hypercholesterol-diabetic induced rats further demonstrates that consuming FiberCreme™ for 4 weeks could lower blood sugar level up to 56%. Language : English and Bahasa 26 Fi Europe Fi Asia Fi Vietnam Fi South America