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TECHNICAL SEMINAR 3-5 October 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia Fi Asia 2018 – Technical Seminar 3-5 October 2018 Jakarta International Expo, Jakarta, Indonesia 3 October 2018 11.15-11.45 Technical Seminar Room Hall A1 Austindo and ANJ Agri Papua Topic : Sago Starch (Metroxylon sp) as Innovative Food Ingredient Speaker : Wida Winarno, Director Endang Yuli Purwani, Researcher Synopsis : Sago starch is processed from pith of sago tree (Metroxylon sp), while tapioca from cassava root and maizena from corn. Sago starch has big granule, so it gives unique characteristic in firmness, chewiness or crispness in food application. Sago starch can be used in food industry as raw material or functional ingredients for noodle, meat-ball, batter flour, crackers and cookies, since it can give value added to product performance. Sago starch has an important role on innovative “gluten-free” product application such as bread and noodle. Sago starch can have health benefit, especially due to formation of “Resistant Starch”. Language : Bahasa 11.15-11.45 Technical Seminar Room Hall A3 Lanxess and Ekacitta Dian Persada, PT Topic : Cold Filling with Velcorin ® The Microbial Control Agent for Soft Drinks and Wine Speaker : Erasmus Vogl, Head of Technical Marketing Lanxess Business Line Beverage Technology Synopsis : A soft drink promises refreshment and enjoyment. And we make sure it stays that way. Velcorin ® is a cold fill technology developed by LANXESS to protect beverages against the spoilage by microorganisms. Velcorin ® breaks down completely into naturally occurring substances and has no impact on taste or color. Your advantages with Velcorin ® are a high product quality, low investment, reduced carbon footprint and more lightweight PET bottles. The quality of LANXESS ensures pure drinking pleasures. Language : English 11.15-11.45 Technical Seminar Room Hall D1 Prinova Top $($ɥѡЁɅѥ́ɥѥɥ̀܁ɽݥ($$յȁ݅ɕ́́ɥ٥ȁչѥɽՍ́ɽٕх)M$$5ȸQ䰁!9܁AɽՍЁٕ)M幽ͥ$$%I٥ݥѡչѥ䁽Ʌѥձ́ɝ䁅ɔݽɭЁɥ̸($($%͕ͥѡ́ɽձѥٕѕ́ȁхєͭɥЁɽѕѥ($$$ɽ٥ɥ䁽ͽѥͽՉ($($%مՅѥѡɽѠ̰ѥձȁ ́ݥѡѡ́ѥ́ȁٽ($($$ͭ($($!ѥѡɽݥȁչѥхɅ́ѡȁɽ́ɥѥ($($$ٕɅ́Ց݅͡IȰ͕ɕQɕ )1Յ$$͠()%)! )!))!ɽ)!-ɕ