Fi Asia 2018 Fi Asia 2018 Show Catalogue - Page 23

~ Food ingredients '-IJ' Asia ~ Lead EX How LeadEX works " ,.,_ .i •. : . '" CD .. ® @ @ @ @ Download and install the app with your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet Activate the license key Scan barcodes from visitors' badges and retrieve visitor data Analyse sales leads by their level, products of interest, purchasing authority and other collected data Add score and individual notes against each lead Export leads in Microsoft Excel .--- ..... Both online and offline The LeadEX app works both online and offline. You can scan a visitor's badge even if you do not have data coverage (WiFi or 3G/4G). Their contact details are still saved on your smartphone or tablet, and will be synced to cloud as soon as you are back in data coverage. Lead EX helps you target the high potential sales prospects for immediate face-to-face follow up by your sales team to maximise your return on investment at Fi Asia 2018.