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EXHIBITOR LIST & PROFILE 3-5 October 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia SHANDONG ZHONGGU STARCH SUGAR CO., LTD. SHANGHAI JUST IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD. Booth: A3.V23 Booth: D1.N20 Economic and Technology Development Zone, Leling, Shandong 253600 9 th Floor, Building 6, 7001 Zhongchun Road, Shanghai 201101 CHINA CHINA Tel : +86 5 3283864569 Fax : +86 5 3283864590 +86 5 3283864597 E-mail : Website : Tel : +86 2151061786 Fax : +86 2151561743 E-mail : Website : Shandong Zhonggu Starch Sugar Co., Ltd. is located in Xingguang Industrial Park, has floor area of 170,000 square meters, uses total investment of 500 million Yuan, and has annual corn crusting quantity of 1 million tons, annual starch output of 450,000 tons, syrup of 450,000 tons and by-products of 260,000 tons. It is corn starch delivery warehouse designated by Dalian Commodity Exchange and wholesale market corn delivery warehouse of Jilin Corn Center, and wins the first order of corn starch futures of Dalian Commodity Exchange. SHANGHAI DJ CREATIVE INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD. Shanghai Just Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier specializing in food additives and food ingredients, based on advanced technology and strong support from various sources in 2016. We set up a branch company in Shanghai and create our new brand JUSTCHEM, dedicating to offer better sales service for food additives as well as to expand overseas markets. SHANGHAI PECENP INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Booth: A1.EE8 No.289, A-2010, Zheqiao Road, Shanghai 201206 Booth: A1.EE26 CHINA Tel : +86 2 168553977 E-mail : Website : Room 134, B1 Himalaya Centre, 869 Yinghua Road, Pudong New, Shanghai CHINA Tel : +86 2 168580630 Fax : +86 2 168580630 E-mail : Website : As a leading and specialized supplier of dried vegetables, dried fruits, spices and food additives in China. Dj Creative International Trading Limited was established in Shanghai, our company mainly is selling food additives and other enzymes to all over the world and also willing to help all clients from overseas to find a perfect market in China. SHANGHAI RICH GROUP LIMITED Booth: A1.FF2 No. 4 Building, 300, Shunda Road, Jiading, Shanghai 201802 CHINA Tel : +86 2 169130116 Fax : +86 2 169130082 E-mail : Website : Shanghai Rich Group Limited, the leading producer and supplier of food grade phosphates and phosphates fpr more than ten year. Our STPP, SHMP, STPP,SAPP, MSP, DKP and blends mainly used in meat, seafood industry as water retention agent, in bakery industry as leavening agent. We approved ISO, Haccp, Kosher and Halal certificates to ensure products quality and food safety. 197 Fi India Hi China Hi Japan Hi Europe Hi Korea