Fi Asia 2018 Fi Asia 2018 Show Catalogue - Page 177

EXHIBITOR LIST & PROFILE 3-5 October 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia NUMIDIA SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. NUTRIN GROUP Booth: B2.F4 Booth: D1.L28 54 Tras Street #03-01, 78993 Presidente Illia S/N, Zona de Quintas, Ticino, Cordoba 5925 SINGAPORE ARGENTINA Tel : +65 6 4937015 E-mail : Website : Numidia is a privately owned company, specialized in the distribution, sales and marketing of dairy products and related ingredients. With offices in the Netherlands (HQ), Singapore, Montevideo, Dallas and Melbourne and over 50 years of combined experience, we have built a strong network around the globe. Enabling us to provide our partners solid market information, contract reliability and technical knowledge. Tel : +54 3 534886520 Fax : +54 3 534886520 E-mail : Website : NUMIDIA B.V. The Nutrin Group comprises companies which grow, shell, roast, chop, grind, pulverize and press peanuts into shelf-stable peanut ingredients like roasted splits, chopped, paste, coarsely/ finely ground powder, oil, and partially defatted peanut flour. We make the peanut-flavored building blocks which help branded food manufacturers produce tasty, nutritious, and long-lasting bakery, confectionery [XKXܙX[HX˂ݙ[HZ[ TPUQPQPTHTSQT’PQёPBUTS”RHUUSS[BH H  M̎LL ^BH H  M NBK[XZ[HZ[YXKX]BH]˛[ZYXK[•RSSՑTPTёPTԈQS[BH ͍H ̍ K[XZ[H\XX]Z[ܙYY[˘˝X]BH]˘X]Z[ܙYY[˘˝SRQPHSQTPT•TQPVHSTSԑQQS•[] L LHۙHؘ[XK H][YHܛ\ HY]ۚYX[ؘ[]KYZY M̂SRQPHS˂TBSTST•[BH ͌ N L̍BK[XZ[H\\[Y\P[\KX]BH]˜[\KSRQPHPSPBUTSPBSRQPHSTԑBSTԑBUSHUSLKNBUSPTUSM[]\[\\\\]x&pHH[[[\ N QQPHSSB H[]\[[UTS H\\ L L•[BH NLML B^BH MM̂K[XZ[HX۝X][X]BH]˛][SB[BH H ͌ ‘K[XZ[BH۝X][X\][˙]BX]BHH˛][X\][˙]B[ݘ][ۈ\\XX[NۈH]܈[[Y\[\[8'YXHYۘ['KH]HHX]H\[ۂوH]\H[Hܝ YY][H[ۙ\K\[ܙX]H[\X\H[XZH[K\]XΈ›XZH]][ۈ\Z[XKܙYYK\\XKZ\[\]Z]XKZ[YXHYۘ[[X[[\]\ܚY[\X[ۜ[]܈و]X[[[]\\˂\XX\H\\KYܛ\[X[ۈو]›X]\X[۝وH\ΈUSٙ\[HH[Hق[\H[ܙYY[[\H\X\܈[\[X[]][ۈX˂M‘H[XBH[BH\[H]\BHܙX