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EXHIBITOR LIST & PROFILE 3-5 October 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia KAPPA CARRAGEENAN NUSANTARA, PT KAZEINA POLSKA SP. Z.O.O Booth: A1.DD24 Booth: A2.X25 Ruko Emerald UB 019, Jl. Boulevard Selatan. Summarecon Bekasi, Margamulya, Bekasi Utara No. 15, Pilsudskiego Street, Legionowo 05120 INDONESIA Tel Fax E-mail Website POLAND Tel : +62 21 89452900 E-mail : Website : : : : : +48 2 27842475 +48 2 27849315 Kappa Carrageenan Nusantara is part of Kappa Group, an integrated business in Indonesian seaweed industry. The company is established in 2012 and located in East Java. Since its inception, Kappa Carrageenan Nusan- tara has built a strong reputable name in Indonesian seaweed industry, known for its high quality product. Kappa Carrageenan Nusantara is also a company that put a lot of effort in research & development, always keep the society and environment in mind. Kazeina Polska Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer and worldwide exporter of casein and caseinates such as sodium, calcium, potassium and sodium-calcium caseinates. We also offer dairy ingredients like skimmed milk powder, full cream milk powder, butter, cream, cheese. For full range of our products you can visit our website: ASSOCIATED SUBSIDIARY COMPANY KAPPA NUSA KOMODITI, PT The City Tower, Level 12-1N, JI MH. Thamrin No. 81 Z\H\] L LSӑTPHSӑTPBK[XZ[H[B^BK[XZ[BH\ZKY\[ۚ˘˚YՑTPTёPHԈQSSQԐRSRUHTRQTH ͌ H MMĽH ͌ H MMLNB\XXK[XZ[ BTQSSӑTPB MSRSSTQT TPJHK ^XH[X\[PژHKK\HY[[KX[X][ZZ[L˕L[Z[XY\ˈ L[[N SӑTPB[B^BK[XZ[BX]BBBBBB͌  ͌ B͌  ͌ œ\^[ۛ\Z[˘B˚\Z[˘BSTԑB\Y[[ۙ\XH\ۙHوHXY[\YY[[X[YX\\[[ۙ\XKHXH[ZK\Y[H\K[ZK\Y[H[KY[H\H[\[Y\X][ۂ\XKHY[H\\X[]Y\[\YY[[&\›]\[\ݚYHH[\X\\Y\˂[BB^BBK[XZ[BBBBX]BHB͍H  MŠ͍H NNLBٝ \XP[Z[B[K[[Z[B˚[Z[K\[Z[&\^\\H[Y]H [YH^[[ۈ[X[\[]\YHXYZ[[YB[Y][ۋ]\[Hو]\[^X[[Y[[[[ZXܛؚX[HݚYH[[YK]܈ ܋[Y]H][ۜˈ\^\Y[H[X\]ۛYB[ݚYHHY][ۜYY]ۜ[Y\[X[˜[\[\YY˂MM‘H[XBH[BH\[H]\BHܙX