Fi Asia 2018 Fi Asia 2018 Show Catalogue - Page 143

EXHIBITOR LIST & PROFILE 3-5 October 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia HENAN FEITIAN AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT STOCK CO., LTD. HENAN SHUGUANG BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Booth: D2.G24 Booth: D2.F26 Tiexi Industry Zone, Qixian, Hebi, Henan 456750 Guhuang Road, Wen, Jiaozuo, Henan 454850 CHINA CHINA Tel : +86 5 3283185369 Fax : +86 5 327286555 E-mail : Website : Tel : +86 3 916130285 Fax : +86 3 916130285 E-mail : Website : The main products of our company are Maltodextrin, Vital Wheat Gluten, Dextrose Mono, High Fructose Syrup, Spirulina powder, Spirulina Tablet. Citric Acid Monohydrate, Citric Acid Anhydrous, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Calcium Citrate. HENAN JINDAN LACTIC ACID TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. SHUGUANG BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was founded in 2003, which mainly produce soy protein products. It is a modern joint- stock corporation with research and development, manufacturing and sales together. Located in Jiaozuo of China, the original place of TAICHI KONGFU. The corporation covers area of 200,000 m². Sales volume of the corporation reached 10,200,000 USD in year of 2016. Booth: A1.FF14 HENAN Z SӑPBˋ ˈ [[][YK[[[[ MLL˕NBSHH[\X[ۈوۙYHY[X[HY [X[[[ L L [BH M L͌L͂^BH M L͌LK[XZ[HZ[[[XX˘BX]BH]˚[[XX˘BSB[[[[XXXYXHˋ \Hˈ B\Y\وXXXY[X]H[[KX\B\\\X]H] L U K[[\^ܝ[[ܙB[ [Y\[Hܛ [BH MMNMBH N  B^BH M LMLK[XZ[HZ[˘BBX]\[KYP˘BX]BH]˞˘B[[[ۙXHˋ H\œXX[^Y[[][YY\X[YX\[[H NNM][X[X[ۈ L U\X]K\XZ[Xš[YHM H QKM ̙H USJKM H JKM H  KM  KMLH S K]ˈH]HY[\YX]YBŤ [[و\[][YY\\HH\[URH[[\]XH\\[PܘYH\]Z[XKSSUPSTPPUUPSˋ  NB[\X[\XKZ[^Z[ۋ[X[[[ LBSB[BH M ^BH M K[XZ[H[XZZLL ̍P M˘BX]BH]˚^^KKۂ[[]X[\XX]]X[ˋ \]Y[[\X[\XKZ[Z^Z[ۋ[X[[K[[ݚ[K[KHXZ[Xݙ\ ]8&\ PTKYX\ ͌ ]8&\[[X[[[[\X[[YX\ ]8&\][Z[YX\M ‘H[XBH[BH\[H]\BHܙX