Fi Asia 2018 Fi Asia 2018 Show Catalogue - Page 139

EXHIBITOR LIST & PROFILE 3-5 October 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia GUANGDONG PRB BIO-TECH CO., LTD. GUANGZHOU FLOWER FLAVOURS & FRAGRANCES CO., LTD. Booth: D1.N27 Booth: D1.HH7 Room 1101, 11 th Floor, Dong Hu Xi Road, Yuexiu, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510100 Ruko Duta Harapan Indah Blok QQ No.16, Penjaringan, Jarkata 14460 CHINA Tel : +86 2 083793945 Fax : +86 2 083865418 E-mail : Website : INDONESIA Guangdong PRB Bio-tech Co., Ltd. is a high-quality seasoning manufacturer and solution supplier. PRB is engaged to provide purchase solutions for food service and industrial manufacturing around the world. Our products bring new experience of savoury, umami and sourness taste to you, which include soy sauce series products, fermented bean curd series products and vinegar series products. Guangzhou Flower Flavours and Fragrances Co., Ltd. Established in 2003 with integrated independent R&D, production and operation, is one of the best food flavour manufacturers in Chinese flavour industry in terms of its innovation and high cost-effective products. Our company has been certified with ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14001, and Ha [URKH\H[\\^YY [B^BK[XZ[BX]BBPSHSRSQPTPBˋ LKH ͌  NL NBH ͌  NL NB^XZZ[\][ۘ[[ۙ\XPXZ[ BHˎ\˘KۂPQёPBPS֒HTUT QԐSTˋ ˌHۙ[Y] [ٙ[X\Y ܝZ^][][YKZ^][X[ޚH LL SBˍM܈[HX[[ۋ[HY [[X[H L X]BHHˎ\KۂSBՑTPTёPHԈQS[BH MMLM^BH MMN NK[XZ[HZKP\YKBX]BH]˜[Z[YX\ BPRHSTUSӐSSӑTPKZ]H\\[[ZTHˌMSӑTPBX[H[Z[YX\XHˋ \Hܛ X\žYX\[\\H][X[\X]Hو ۜ[ۙޝ[[H\H\X[[\\HوY]X[]BY\[H[\\ˈ[H[\[H[\][ۘ[X\] [Z[YX\\[^\Y[YHX\]XH[[Y\˜[[ۙZYHX\ YXK\XKX\\]\H[][Y\XK[BH ͌ NL NBK[XZ[H^XZZ[\][ۘ[[ۙ\XPXZ[ BX]BHHˎ\KۂPS֒HPSRPSTSB  “ˌ [HY [\X[][YKZ^KX[ޚKX[ۙ LL SB[BH NMB^BH ͌MBK[XZ[H[]ZPX[ZX[˘BX]BH]˜X[ZX[˘BX[ZX[\[H \[ܛ\\]X]\X[ X[ZX[X\\Y\[Y[MMH YXHܛ\\ KM XH\\ \\܈][X[H[\X[[YX\YK[X\HX\[\[ Z[HY][\][ۋ\XK\YܙB^H\HYHZ\YH\Y\[\HY[H\Y[X[[Y[]\YKY\[Y\][™[K[K[H]˂LBH[XBH[BH\[H]\BHܙX