Fi Asia 2018 Fi Asia 2018 Show Catalogue - Page 135

EXHIBITOR LIST & PROFILE 3-5 October 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia GLANBIA NUTRITIONALS SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. ASSOCIATED SUBSIDIARY COMPANIES GENERAL STARCH LIMITED SHANGHAI REPRESENTATIVE Office Room 802, Building Yunbuluo, No.1313 East Zhuanxing Road, Minhang, Shanghai Booth: A1.GG55 CHINA 70 Bendemeer Road, #06-01 Luzerne 339940 Tel : +86 21 54322780 E-mail : Website : SINGAPORE Tel : +65 6 2220118 Fax : +65 6 2220117 E-mail : Website : GENERAL STARCH LIMITED SINGAPORE BRANCH M38, 38 Jalan Pemimpin #07-10 SINGAPORE Tel : +65 6 6356277 E-mail : Website : Glanbia Nutritionals creates dairy protein, plant nutrition, flavor, premix, and bioactive solutions for the food, beverage, supplement and animal nutrition industries. Of all the ingredients Glanbia Nutritionals offers, tenacity matters most. It’s why we stick with a challenge no matter what—inventing solutions that help brands stand out and innovating with customers to make products people love. GENOSA ID S.L. Booth: A3.R12 C/ Iván Pavlov, 8 bloque 1, bajo G Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, Málaga 29590 GLOBAL SPECIALTY INGREDIENTS (M) SDN. SHD. SPAIN Booth: B1.A LMB[BH H L N BH  M MB^BH H L N BK[XZ[HZ[[KBX]BH]˙[KB [[[ZH[[ K[]H[Z[\X[\\H K[[܈\[Z[ L[H\HXY[][\[X[YX\\و]\[Y]\H]\[\[[\][ۘ[H][YXK]]H\Hو[ L H]\[H؝Z[Y KY]\\HXZ܈[[X]H\[B^H[[]H[[]\]HYH[HوX[B[Y] Y]\\X\ [[[[Y[\Y\˂ՑTPTёPHԈQSTSPHSHTHSSRK X[[KL\Y[[]H[Z\XKˈˈ L Z\H LM SӑTPB[BH ͌ H ML ^BH ͌ H ML‘K[XZ[HXYX[XK˚YX]BH]˝XK˚YPSVTPB[BH ͌ L LL ^BH ͌ L M L K[XZ[BH[\˚K]ܛYKBX]BH]˙K]ܛYKBАSQHQQPH HԑTUBQQPHԓTQQPHS\[\\H \Y[]HY] ۙۈPHД•R•[BH  L͍N ‘K[XZ[HX\\˜ؘ[Y[YYXKBX]BH]˚[ܙYY[Z[Y BH[ܙYY[[YXY^[HXX\] [ܙYY[ٙ\[ۘ[ܛYK]X\\XHHYX\[ [B][[[ݙ[X\ L\Y[HYH]]]\]]YY[K]\[XYH\[X[XY[܈S[X[Y\[ݘ][ۈ\Xܜ[YYY[YXٙX\ H[H[YY[H\و\X\ ][Y[ [ݘ][Yܛ][][[X[YX\[˂LBH[XBH[BH\[H]\BHܙX