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EXHIBITOR LIST & PROFILE 3-5 October 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia FIRMENICH FONTERRA CO-OPERATIVE GROUP LIMITED Booth: A2.X2 Booth: D2.B18 Jl Tanah Abang 2 No. 78, 10150 182 Cecil Street, #15-01 Frasers Tower 069549 SWITZERLAND SINGAPORE Tel : +62 8 122650551 E-mail : Website : E-mail : Website : Firmenich is the world’s largest privately-owned company in the fragrance and flavor business. Founded in 1895, Firmenich has created many of the world’s best-known perfumes and flavors enjoyed every day by people around the world. We have a passion for smell and taste and are driven by creativity, innovation, and an exceptional understanding of sensory perceptions and trends. NZMP is the dairy ingredients brand of Fonterra. NZMP ingredients are sold in more than 130 countries and can be found in some of the world’s most famous food and nutrition brands. NZMP provides one of the broadest dairy ingredient offerings worldwide across 5 product families-powders, dairy fats, cheese, proteins and speciality. FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA FLAVOURTECH PTY. LTD. B LK B K H [[[Y]  KL[SR MLLBSTԑB LܚY]  [BH ͍H MLL^BH ͍H MLLK[XZ[HZ[ZY][X\XKBX]BH]˙]\YX\XKBUTSPB[B^BK[XZ[BBBBBBX]BHB͌H MLLLLB͌H M [[\]\X B[\]\X B˙]\X B]\X\Hؘ[XHX[YX\\XX[\[[\XHXݙ\K^X[ۈ[]\ܘ][ۈ][ۜ܈BٙYKXK[ Z\KZ] Y]XH[\XX]]X[[\Y\ˈ\XH\ZH[[HۈHX\][ٙ\\ܜHX[]HX[YX\HXHY]X[]H[\[X[YH^x&\ۜ[Y\ ]\YH\XH JH\HY[۸&\XY[YBXY^[H܈H ]\YH[\H]XY\œ[[H^X]]\ٙ\[ۘ[[[[Y\[Bۈ܈]X[]H۝[[]HH[ܙYY[[\[ XY[Xܜˈ[H][\[ۈ[ KBXX][ۈ\Y[Y\[]]YY[HXX\وH]\][Y[˂ՑTPTёPTԈQS‘UTTPUPVPB ^XHX[[ˍ Z\H LM SӑTPB[BH ͌ H MM MMB^BH ͌ H MML̂K[XZ[H\[˙[\]\\X]X˘BX]BH]˙]\\X]X˘BUTP UTJHSRUQXY[[\\H[K]ZۚYY XY[͈ BR•[B^BK[XZ[BX]BBBBBB  H NLMB  H NLM̌XY[]\X B˙]\X BLBH[XBH[BH\[H]\BHܙX