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EXHIBITOR LIST & PROFILE 3-5 October 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia DRUITS ITALY DSM RAINBOW (INNER MONGOLIA) BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Booth: A2.W24 Booth: D2.H22 Via Bolzano 2, Lana (Bz), 39011 ITALY Resource-based, Economy Transformation and Development Experimental Zone, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia 024070 : +39 4 73550303 Tel Fax : +39 4 73550304 E-mail : Website : CHINA Our dry fruit preparations allow dairy producers to create high quality dairy products such as flavoured yogurts and milk drinks with real fruit content, including pieces. Druits is storable at room temperature, requires 10 times less volume than liquid fruit preparations, and has a sensational 24-months shelf life. Druits is an innovative product that simplifies flavoured dairy production enormously. HPPSQT•[BH  ͌̍ ͌^BH  ͌̍ NK[XZ[H[[K[[˘BX]BH]˙KKۂB]˜[˘BHZ[ [\[ۙXJH[XHˋ Bؘ[Y[KX\Y\[HX]H[ X[ۂYY܈[[\X[Y[\X][ۋ\œYۚYX[\وHYY\[\[] Hݙ\˜[\XHو M ]X\HY]\[X[\X]Hو MK U[Y[X\ ML\ۜ˂ KL\\[[LLHX\]YH\[\]H LM PPS HSRHSRPS”STԑHL˕ M•[BH ͍H L B^BH ͍H L BK[XZ[HZ][KY^X]KBX]BH]˙KBN XX[Y] ۙY[[BQUSBx&\]ܞH[ܙYY[Y\ۛYHۈ]X\][\X][ۈۛZ]\]\\H܈Hۜ[Y\[HY[]HܙX]H[YH܈H[Hܚ]8%]8&\]XZ\\[\]YK[[\[XBX[Y\]\]\[[[ܙH\Z[XH܈[B\[HؙH]YX\^X \]܈[\B[[][ۋ[BH  M NB^BH  M NBK[XZ[HZ[XX[[KX]BH]˙XX[[KXX[[ZX[\ۙHوHY\[ZX[˜\[Y\[Y][XX[\\[]H8$\Y[ZX[[Y[ܘYHXX\ܚX˜XY   K T[\Y]Hو\[\\YYY]]\X[XX[ܘYHX˂PQёPBPPSUTS SRPSŒN XX[Y] ۙY[[BQUSB[BH  L ML‘H[XBH[BH\[H]\BHܙX