Fi Asia 2018 Fi Asia 2018 Show Catalogue - Page 112

EXHIBITOR LIST & PROFILE CHANGZHON RED SUN BIOLAGICAL ENGINEERING CO., LTD. Booth: D2.F22 Qujia Village Luotang Town, Wujin, Changzhou, Jiangsu 213000 CHAODEE MODIFIED STARCH CO., LTD. Booth: A2.W19 345 Moo 14, Hin Dat, Dan Khun Thot, Nakorn Ratchasima 30210 THAILAND Tel : Fax : E-mail : Website : CHINA Tel : +86 5 1988162218 Fax : +86 5 1988162218 E-mail : Website : Changzhou Red Sun Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 which is located nearby Shanghai city. We are specialized in researching, producing and selling non-dairy creamer, coffee creamer and other food ingredients for kinds of food industry. We have the world most advanced production line and testing equipment with a monthly output of up to 2000mts. we have passed the certificate of QS-9000 and ISO22000, HALAL. The most of our products exported to Asia, Africa, Europe, and Middle East area with good favorable. We always keep “Food Industry, be conscience” as our business philosophy, and keep “Nutrition, Health, Safety and Tasty” as our product belief. CHANGZHOU VITASWEET FOOD INGREDIENTS CO., LTD. Booth: A1.HH53 No. 18 Binjiang Three Road, Chunjiang Town, Xinbei, Changzhou 21300 CHINA Tel : +86 5 1985110598 Fax : +86 5 1985105028 E-mail : Website : Changzhou Vitasweet Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. newly founded enterprise in 2017 was jointly invested by Yabang Investment Holding Group &Jiangsu Vitasweet Co., Ltd. Rely on our own three factories who were all one of the earliest producers in its field, we have specialized in manufacturing two sweeteners of Aspartame and Acesulfame-K for many years. Sincerely recommend you using our new brands: GSWEET and VITASWEET. +66 4 4756142 +66 4 46644756 +66 4 46644587 Chaodee modified starch is the biggest producer and exporter of both native tapioca starch and modified tapioca starch ܈[YYY\[H\\Y\Y]]\X\X^[ۛZ\K]\ \[[\[[\ݙB\Y\[YH[Z\[YH[۝ZXܛؚ[BH\[[\[YX][ۋSPSPHPSTK L\]XYH\YHˈ  X[[K NK [\[ MLLSӑTPB[BH ͌ H M ͍LMLBBH ͌ H M ͍LML^BH ͌ H M ͍LMLK[XZ[HY]\K[XKBX]BH]˘[XKBY[\[H܈ ]\YH[ZX[\XX]]X[Y]X[ܙYY[[Y]XXY[˂TPUQPQPTHTSQTSPSPHPSTK \[ۙ\YHˎMH  Hˋ [ [\[[[Z Xˈ[\[[[X\[’SӑTPB[BH ͌  L ^BH ͌  ͍ ‘K[XZ[BH][K^]P[XKBX]BH]˘[XKBSPSPHPSTK\Z\Y[[[\Y\[RK ^XH[\[]\ˌK\[Y\[Y\’SӑTPB[BH ͌ NNL L LB^BH ͌ NNL NLBK[XZ[H\\X[K[^X[P[XKBX]BH]˘[XKBLLH]\BH\XBHY]H][Y\X