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EXHIBITOR LIST & PROFILE BADE KIMYEVI MADDELER ARAS. VE GELIS. TIC. VE SAN. AŞ. Booth: D2.B12 BALI EXTRACT UTAMA, PT Booth: D1.L22 No.76, Rukan Taman Meruya Blok M, Jakarta 11620 ITOB Organize San. Bolgesi Mah., 10036 Sk No. 14, Menderes, Izmir 35477 TURKEY Tel : +90 2 323320995 Fax : +90 2 323320997 E-mail : Website : Bade helps you to solve all your texture, flavoring, stabilization and shelf life needs by providing added value & tailor-made innovative products, all supported with non-GMO, Clean Label, Organic or Vegan options. Among different applications we supply Encapsulation, Esterification and new technology Blending Solutions, from Emulsion, Preservatives, through Spices and Seasoning Blends. INDONESIA Tel : +62 21 5846016 +62 21 5845986 Fax : +62 21 586 5662 E-mail : Website : Bali Extract Utama, PT is a natural extraction company based in Bali, Indonesia. We produce liquid and dried extracts and ground products for both national and inter ][ۘ[X\]˂[H^X][XHX\HܙX]YY]HوH\\^XYH[X[ۙ\X[\\\[[H\Z^Y\Yۈ\Y\\]Y\˂PQёPBRPPSSUPHˋ L˔LMH܋ HНZY[XY]X]\XۛZXۙK]Y\Z[ZX[ ̍M SB[BH H L̍L MM‘K[XZ[HY[[K[ZXX[ BX]BH]˘ZXX[ BZXX[[UXH\H\\XY[X[YX\\وӋQSXHX\Z[[\XK][[XX\]\H\Y\ K]KZXX[&\\[\\^[Yؘ[X\]\\\]X\ X\\XH[]\K\XHX\Z[ۛH\Y\[ܙYY[[YX]\[[\K][\Y\]X]\X[وY]\X[\XKSHVPUSPK\[\[\HZ][X[X][[\[[X\][[[[H LSӑTPB[BH ͌ MMLLB^BH ͌ MMLLBK[XZ[H\ۛP[Y^X][XKBBY[P[Y^X][XKBX]BH]˘[Y^X][XKBSSSBL [ZX[ ˈ  L MLUTSPB[BH ͌ LL MLBK[XZ[H^XXP[\˘BX]BH]˘[[[KB[Z[HۙY[\Y܈HYX\[[[H\[\\\܈[Z][K]X[]HY\H[Z\H\[\\˂[[[HY\H[Z\H\\HX[YX\Y[]\[XH]]\[X[Z\H[ܙYY[ˈ\Z[B\XKTXYXY[ۈ]HYۘ]\H[HوY\H[XX[HZ\HXH\HYX]Y\ܝ[\\X][ۜ]]][XZ\Hٚ[\˂L H]\BH\XBHY]H][Y\X