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EXHIBITOR LIST & PROFILE ASIA FOOD BEVERAGE THAILAND ASIA MODIFIED STARCH CO., LTD. Booth: A2.V20 Booth: A3.S20 58/2 Soi Phrom Sri, Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tun Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 130-132 Sindhorn Building, Tower 1, 2 nd Floor, Wittayu Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 THAILAND THAILAND Tel : +66 2 23922011 Fax : +66 2 23922011 E-mail : Website : Tel : +66 2 6325447 Fax : +66 2 6273493 E-mail : Website : Asia Food Beverage Thailand (AFB) is Asia’s leading trade mag- azine for the food and beverage manufacturing since 2002, AFB editorial coverage of Food & beverage manufacturing technologies in the areas of processing, packaging, safety, plant operations, material handling and automation as well as industry trends & market news. AFB also features special Food Beverage executives’ food & beverage marketing sector. We are Asia Modified Starch Co., Ltd. (AMSCO), have been supplying tapioca starch and its modified starches to w ܛYBX\]܈[ܙH[ YX\\ۙHوXY[X[YX\\[Z[[ PQёPHܘZH[[X\ RTRH˔ˈX[^XK Z\H LM LTHˋ N ̋HHܚKZ[]]Y ۙ[YXK][K[ L LLRSS[BH ͍ LLLB^BH ͍ L LK[XZ[H\\P\X\XKBX]BH]˚\X\XKBՑTPTёPH܈QSUUSPTSӑTPB[BH ͌ H ‘^BH ͌ H X]BH]˛]][[X\˘BTPHUQQPHSTPHTS܋؝\\K [YXY] LLH ܝXQQPHSRHXH]H K KLM  BSTԑB[BH ͍H LNM‘^BH ͍H LNMK[XZ[HX[YK[۝[[YYXKBX]BH]˘\XY\[ B\XH\[[\ٙ\[ۘ[ZYH\[XY[[[ܙYY[\XH\[ X\YB۝[[YYXKݙ\\[\[X\][]YY\ܜܘ]HK]\\[XH\X[HXY[\[[[ܙYY[YY[ˈ\XH\[Y[YY\^HX\][ۜ[Y\[][BۈوH][Y[[HX[YX\[[\K\]\܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ]˘\XY\[ B[BH  H MNMMBK[XZ[BHX]]˜Y]X\[˘BX]BHH˘\X[]XY˘B\XH]\HY][[[XZ[YY]\B[[[ۈX\[ۈXZ\XܛHYH[Hو[\Y\˂H[HH]\[[Y[][\H[˜[X\ܚY\HXܛ\XKHXY^[H\ۙY[X\YH]X\[[Xؘ[\[\]\YXH][]\H ZYHX\]˂PQёPBӕSSQQPHH HXH]H K KLM  BSTԑB[BH ͍H LNM‘^BH ͍H LNMK[XZ[BHX\][۝[[YYXKBX]BH]˘\XY\[ BL H]\BH\XBHY]H][Y\X