Fete Lifestyle Magazine September 2017 Family Issue - Page 74

“Euphoria” depicts the ethical and moral choice of death as Emilie (Eva Green) decides that her fight with cancer is over. She and her estranged sister, Ines (Alicia Vikander), travel abroad to a place where she will spend her final days. Writer/director Lisa Langseth beautifully captures the struggle society has with death, our beliefs, and our right to choose when and how we leave this world. Vikander and Green shine in this articulate film, capturing the love of sisters, life’s regrets, and above all, acceptance of one another.

“Mudbound” brings us back to rural Mississippi during and after WWII at the height of racism in the South. Henry (Jason Clarke) and Laura (Carey Mulligan) struggle as a farming family, but it is his family’s relationship with the Jackson’s that accentuate the prejudice and inequalities, particularly after Ronsel Jackson (Jason Mitchell) returns from war. It’s a disturbing yet enlightening look at our past as we watch and feel the suffering in the muddy, suffocating land and mindset of the area. Director Dee Rees takes extraordinary care in bringing tangible emotion to this heartfelt story.

“Woman Walks Ahead” re-creates renowned artist Catherine Weldon’s life who is known for painting the Lakota Native American Indian Sitting Bull’s portrait. Weldon’s advocacy for this tribe and their loss of land is at the core of the story as she encounters racism as well as sexism during her fight. Directed by Susanna White and starring Jessica Chastain as this powerful woman, the film promises to educate, empower and entertain.