Fete Lifestyle Magazine September 2017 Family Issue - Page 67

judgement starts to happen. I’ve never felt judged by my wife’s family for any reason whatsoever. I’m sure our relationship would be vastly different if that was the case. Asking engaging questions and sincerely getting to know someone will help to prevent this. The threat of judging is continuous and can be ongoing throughout a marriage, especially during tough times. Again, empathizing and seeking to understand another person’s position or

circumstance will help to build better relationships and trust throughout the family.

3.) They support who you are and what you do.

There has never been a time when my in-laws haven’t supported me. I know that they’re my biggest cheerleaders, especially in Canada, and they’re always interested in what I’m doing and how I’m doing. They’re never discouraging and always encouraging. I always get their Canadian perspective on things happening in the U.S. and they’re always eager to hear mine.

Diane (Grandma,) specifically has always gone above and beyond the call of duty and continues to do so many things for me and our family, from family vacations to birthdays to holidays. It’s important for me to know and feel that I have the support of my wife’s family even though they are hundreds of miles away. Moral support allows us to celebrate the victories together and helps us get through tough times as well.

4.) They love their grandkids.

Who doesn’t love their grandkids? Well, there are a lot of grandparents that don’t fit the mold. Fortunately, our boys’ grandparents dote on them and spoil them rotten, often against my will. But what I’m supposed to do? They’re grandparents!

During our recent trip to Vancouver we stayed at Gramps and Granny D’s house. Every morning Granny D got up and made breakfast whether they were scones, muffins, or French toast sticks. Then the boys went outside to play and ride bikes with Lovella and her neighborhood friends. They had a blast and it was a good change of pace for them away from their Chicago city life. Everyday around 5 pm Gramps and Granny D had happy hour on the patio, which consists of a glass of wine or cocktail. We all sipped on libations while the kids jumped up and down on the trampoline in the backyard. The boys were play heaven.

A highlight for our boys this summer was when Papa Irv took us on a short ferry ride to Galiano Island just outside of Vancouver. We stayed at his friend’s Keith’s house and enjoyed the nature and beauty that surrounded us. The boys fished for the first time, camped outside in the backyard, gathered and cooked fresh oysters, saw raccoons up close, picked and ate fresh berries, and consumed lots of pizza.

It’s always an exciting time when grandma comes to visit from Costa Rica. Our spare bedroom is called grandma’s room, because we always look forward to her visit. It goes without saying that grandma spoils the boys a lot. And often-times her and Aunt Debby tag team on the spoiling when they’re together.