Fete Lifestyle Magazine September 2017 Family Issue - Page 65

dogs named Lola and Lex.

Debby – Aunt Debby is Diane’s (Grandma) sister and lives in British Columbia. Her daughter Kyleen is around the same age as Alayna. Aunt Deb is a pickle ball champion and a world traveler.

Got it? Then let’s proceed.

I have a lot of married friends that hate their in-laws. Well maybe hate is too strong of a word, so let’s just say that they really don’t like them. But then again that would be sugarcoating the situation so I’m going to stick with hate. At least that’s what they tell me. Some of the reasons why they don’t get along with their spouse’s family are obvious. They have a mother-in-law that meddles in their family business, a racist father-in-law, a nosy aunt, a stuck-up sister-in-law, and/or an obnoxious brother-in-law. Going to family gatherings for my friends around the holidays are brutal and spending a family vacation with them is not an option. People say that you can’t choose your family, or can you? That holds true for your biological family, but you can have a say about the family you marry into. I couldn’t imagine marrying into a family that I didn’t like. For me that would be very painful, uncomfortable and awkward. I’m sure that I would deal with it out of respect for my wife, but then again it would depend on the situation. Luckily for me I’ve never had that problem, because my in-laws are absolutely fabulous. All of them! There hasn’t been one person from my wife’s family that I’ve met that I didn’t like, which I hear is rare when it comes to the in-law thing.