Fete Lifestyle Magazine September 2017 Family Issue - Page 64

We married on September 30th, 2006 and I feel confident in saying that I have a unique set up of when it comes to in-laws. Unique in a fabulous way that could be confusing to others, but to our family it all makes sense. Follow me as I explain…

Diane and Jerry - Diane is Alayna’s biological mother and Jerry is her step dad, but to our kids they are Grandma and Papa Jerry. Diane and Jerry currently live in Costa Rica, but grandma visits us in Chicago at least 3 times per year.

John and Diane - John is Alayna’s biological father and Diane is her step mother (Yes, there are two Diane’s!). To our boys they are Gramps and Granny D and they live in North Vancouver. Both John and Diane are retired,

but John still works 3 times a week. John walked Alayna down the aisle during our wedding.

Irv - This distinguished gentleman is also Alayna’s step dad and is known as Papa Irv to our boys. Diane (Grandma) and Irv were married some time ago and Irv had a significant impact on Alayna’s life growing up and is affectionately referred to as her second dad. Irv also helped walk Alayna

down the aisle

during our

wedding. He

lives in the

Vancouver area

as well.

Mike and

Christina – Mike

is Alayna’s older

step brother

and Irv’s son.

Mike is married

to the lovely

Christina, who is a teacher. They also live in the Vancouver area and have two boys Matthew and Cameron.

Jesse and Darren – These two handsome young men are John and Diane’s (Granny D) sons and Alayna’s brothers as well. I’ve watched them grow up from being teenagers in our wedding, to becoming young men in a short period of time. Lovella is Darren’s daughter, and Jesse has two boxer dogs named Lola and Lex.

Debby – Aunt Debby is Diane’s (Grandma) sister and lives in British Columbia. Her daughter Kyleen is around the same age as Alayna. Aunt Deb is a pickle ball champion and a world traveler.

Got it? Then let’s proceed.