Fete Lifestyle Magazine September 2017 Family Issue - Page 58

I mentor a young woman who is the president of the Dreamer’s club in her selective enrollment high school. “Dreamers” is the moniker given to children protected by DACA (the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), the Obama era executive action that gave those who came to our country as undocumented children the ability to go to school and work legally. I am amazed by this young lady. Exceptionally bright and a very hard worker, she is determined to live her parents’ dreams and use her education to empower herself and her community. She wants to be an immigration attorney to help her family and others like them. On September 5, 2017, her Dreamers club was presented with the news that DACA would be rescinded. September 5th was also the first day of school for Chicago Public School students. On the start of their new academic year, these young Dreamers were left completely uncertain as to their future, not even knowing if all of their efforts to study and work hard would be for naught. Terrified that their self-reporting based on DACA’s promises made it far riskier for them and their families than those still in hiding.