Fete Lifestyle Magazine September 2017 Family Issue - Page 43

When they are not venerated, foster families are maligned. There is that misnomer of foster parents as malevolent money-grubbers, avaricious child abusers who nefariously game the system to profit their pockets. Law Professor Dale Cecka debunks this allegation, emphasizing that “no foster parent is in it for the money,” the funds the state provides are minimal, and barely cover all the child’s expenses. Fostering in its very nature entails generosity. Rather, foster parents invest for intangible dividends. The Rieskes shared that fostering has enriched their lives by enlarging their children’s worldview, encouraging empathy. Whilst the Thompsons expressed that fostering has introduced diversity to their children, instilling in them the importance of valuing difference. All three families conceded that the greatest gift of fostering was the children themselves.