Fete Lifestyle Magazine September 2017 Family Issue - Page 33

I see firsthand the power of the urban family at work to help those in desperate need, as director of Humble Design (we collect donated furnishings and household goods from Chicagoland residents to furnish homes for families exiting shelters). The opportunity to come together as a volunteer team, to help a fragile family, well, it’s pure magic.

Our clients, often times victims of domestic abuse, are exiting shelters and moving into homes with nothing but the clothing on their backs. It’s a daunting task for mom and children to obtain furniture and all the necessities that make a house a warm home. It’s hard to feel safe, make plans and dream when sleeping, eating and doing homework from the floor.

When our Humble Design volunteer teams complete a home for a family, we’re providing a platform for that family to grow. We are providing DIGNITY and a sense of safety so these fragile clans can move forward. Crazy how important a dinner table is for sharing time, and hatching plans and dreams together.

What isn’t as obvious, but just as important, is that our Humble volunteer teams are also giving these families the tools to then pay it forward. Once they’re up and humming along securely, these once struggling families are now in a position to help others within their urban networks.

Imagine the joy shared by all when the kids come running into their homes to jump on their beautiful new beds and mom is wiping tears from her eyes with a sigh of relief. Do you know what we hear most often on these “reveal” days?

We hear this… “please let us know how we can help you with your next family”. And that is the spirit of weaving all of our families into one gorgeous caring urban tribe.