Fete Lifestyle Magazine September 2017 Family Issue - Page 3


Fete Lifestyle Magazine

It’s September and we’re back in the saddle after another good summer run. It’s bitter sweet to watch summer come to an end, but the fall season brings on new and exciting things. First the kids go back to school, then there’s college and professional football to watch, and for those of us that live in colder climates, we get to break out our fall fashions. I think that September is arguably the month associated with family more than any other month, because we seem to regroup and get back in to our normal routine. That’s why I wanted September’s issue to focus on all things related to family.

I’m very excited for you to read this issue, because I’m certain that it will resonate with almost everyone. Family dynamics have drastically changed over the years and our contributors highlight some of those differences as it relates to fostering, friendships, relationships, and marriage. Our children’s quality of education or lack thereof in the U.S is becoming more controversial. A must-read article in this issue focuses on important factors we should consider when it comes to our kids’ schooling. Other family features for our September issue include helping other get back on track, celebrating those that help us succeed and sharing key identifying characteristics that make good in-laws. We continue to provide makeup tips that will help to beautify your skin using affordable products, and we review new movies and celebrate the women behind them from the Toronto International Film Festival. Enjoy FLM September!


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