Festive News 2017 2017 - Page 6

PAGE 6 • FESTIVE NEWS • DECEMBER 2017 This Christmas Santa is setting up his Grotto at Oakchurch, the popular country store at Staunton-on-Wye on the Hereford to Brecon Road, just a few miles out of the city and he is inviting all children to pop in for a chat about the presents they would like for Christmas. With the help of his friends from Hereford Lions Club, Santa moves into his smart new Grotto at Oakchurch on Saturday, November 18 and will be in residence every weekend 11am to 4pm right up to Saturday December 23. Nick Price, a partner in the family business said: “We are delighted Santa accepted our invitation to join us here at Oakchurch to welcome families as they prepare for the magical festive celebrations, especially on Christmas Eve when he delivers presents for the children.For children, the opportunity to tell Father Christmas what’s on their present list, have a friendly chat and some sweets in-stills in them the real spirit of Christmas. It is a time of great joy and we want to make their visit to the Grotto very special and one they will remember” Grotto team leader John Edmunds said: “Lions Club members have for many decades helped Santa keep alive the wonderful traditions of Christmas, especially for the children who turn out in their thousands to meet him on his Sleigh tour of Hereford and surrounding villages in the weeks before The Bell Inn Merry Christ mas! Christmas Day and for many a visit to Santa’s Grotto truly is a highlight of a wondrous festive season.” He added: “After many years at Wyevale Garden Centre it was felt it was time Santa’s Grotto had a change of scenery and what better a venue than O ɍ͕ЁѡЁѡ)!ɕɑ͡ɔչͥݡɔ́٥ͥ)ȁѡɕѼѡɽѼݥѠͽɥ͡ѥ)ѽɔѡЁ́ЁЁٕѡѼѡ)ѽ́ݥѠɕ͕́䁽ѥٔЁ ɥѵ)丁]ՅɅѕԁ݅ɴɥݕѼMчe)ɽѼЁ=ɍt)Q!I%L9< !IQ