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A NATURE WONDERLAND PAGE 46 • FESTIVE NEWS • DECEMBER 2017 Standing in the shadow of the BT Madley Satellite Station which handles global communications via its huge ‘dishes’ is one of the finest nature reserves in the county. Its 15 acres are wonderland waiting to be explored by all ages. It’s a popular outing for schoolchildren to learn more about the natural environment. The site is also part of the old World War 2 airfield. The Madley Environment Study Centre, a charity was created in 2001 by a group nature enthusiasts for visitors to enjoy and learn about wild life in some amazing surroundings. There are log cabins for workshops and also this unusual study centre created out of an old parachute, a reminder that pilots once flew their fighter planes from the airfield. Contact:01981 251616 or find out more about this nature gem on www.mesc.org.uk Diabetes is on the increase and it is a growing problem for the NHS which already spends 10% of its budget on this condition. Symptoms are tiredness, thirst, weight gain or unexplained loss and frequent trips to the loo. Also vision can be impaired if there is too much sugar in the blood. There are two main types of Diabetes. Type I often occurs in young children. The pancreas fails to make any insulin and multiple daily injections are needed for the person to stay well. Some people are able to use an insulin pump. Type 2 is different as the body is still able to manufacture some insulin. Type 2 can be linked to The Balloon Display Company & Party Shop obesity and unfortunately more youngsters are developing Type 2 as they are often overweight and inactive. Type 2 diabetes can be treated by diet, diet and exercise or tablets. In some cases insulin injections are needed as diabetes is a progressive disease. It pays to take care of your body as badly controlled diabetes can lead to severe problems with eyes, feet and internal organs. This sounds serious, but all is not lost. If you can keep active and eat sensibly then hopefully these problems can be kept in abeyance. We have excellent staff at the County Hospital diabetes Centre who regularly provide education and training days throughout the county and annual retinopathy screening gives warning of any changes in the eyes. We also have a local Diabetes Support Group where we meet informally to chat or have talks from experts in the field. We have been in partnership with Tesco for almost four years and latterly with the British Heart Foundation, having fun at the Belmont store and raising in excess of £10 million in all stores for research into diabetes. Our Support Group chairman is Mick Jancey and you can find out more information from him on 07719736989, or Google us on Hereford diabetes support group and you will find our Facebook page which gives lots of information. Come and join us. You’ll be very welcome. CLEANING SUPPLIES CLEANING CHEMICALS I SUPPLIERS OF A WIDE RANGE OF CLEANING PAPER DISPOSABLES MACHINES, VACUUMS, ETC. I WASHROOM PRODUCTS I CLEANING SCHEDULES I CLEANING EQUIPMENT PREPARED I 22 Union St, Hereford (behind McDonalds) I (01432) 274098 www.balloondisplay.co.uk Tel: 01432 358014 Mobile: 07974 889314 TEL: 01432 343733 FAX: 01432 342409 UNIT 3, IMPERIAL BUSINESS CENTRE, MORTIMER ROAD, HEREFORD HR4 9SP email:bridgeselectrical@yahoo.co.uk H E R E F O R D S H I R E F I R E P R O T E C T I O N S E R V I C E S L T D S u p p l y , I n s t a l l a t i o n & S e r v i c e o f a l l t y p e s o f Herefordshire F i r e E x t i n g u i s h e r s & S a f e t y S i g n s FIRE ALARM SERVICES Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems, Emergency Lighting & Nursecall Systems Herefordshire Fire Alarm systems Ltd Unit 12 Mortimer Trading Centre, Mortimer Road Herefordshire HR4 9SP Tel: 01432 350 999 (option2) Email: info@herefordshirefirealarms.co.uk Web: www.herefordshirealarms.co.uk ● ● ● ● U n i t 1 2 M o r t i m e r T r a d i n g C e n t r e M o r t i m e r R o a d , H e r e f o r d . H e r e f o r d s h i r e H R 4 9 S P T e l e p h o n e : 0 1 4 3 2 2 6 9 0 9 4 E m a i l : i n f o @ h f p s l t d . c o . u k w w w . h f p s l t d . c o . u k