Festive News 2017 2017 - Page 43

FESTIVE NEWS • DECEMBER 2017 • PAGE 43 # ACTING MAKES A DIFFERENCE FOR THIS GROUP High jinks in Liverpool for the group They might have learning difficulties but the members of About Face Theatre based in Leominster know how to put on a good show and volunteer Lions Club minibus drivers, Mike Hughes and Basil Paterson were highly impressed when they took the group on a special theatre outing to Liverpool. So the Editor asked Jess MacKenzie to tell readers about her drama group. About Face Theatre has been working with people with learning disabilities for more that 21 years. We are one of ECHO’s project and are open 5 days a week providing training and theatre experience for about 25 people. The main touring company devise all their own shows and take these out to schools, theatres, festivals and anywhere we are invited both locally and across the country. Our aim is to change peoples perception and attitudes by producing original thought provoking work. Of cour 6RFRFW"6FPbFR6vR6RFffW&V6RFF6PVRv6RFW2FVG&RFV6W262w&w26fFV6Rv6GW&7&V6W05$5DTvV'Vv'W'2v&RG&r7&70F26V6W&Vf&G6&^( 2fW2v&BW'@G'&V27&722FRWr76"bFRvV( 0F'Vv'VwVRFVvFFR$eRFPG'&V2&V֖W"^( 22FV26WFrFP'&B26FR( ff67&7>( bFRvV( 0VvB'Vv'FVBFRW6W6fR7WƖW b7&72FFRGv6V7FFVG'&V2&6VBW7BWG6FRV֖7FW"2@FVƖrW2vBFR76'6267FrFV'W@vFFR$eRfW7Fr6WfW&֖Ɩ *0&FrvV( 2'Vv'BW7BVBFPVbBb&w2b7&72খFWVF6RFR7F'2&RV6W&vVBFFWfVFV"7&VFfGBFbFRƗ7B2F@G&2gVFRFW"w&W26VFRG&GV7F'w&WFVG&R62w&WB6vRfRgVG&w&WvRRF&fFRw&Wf"vWfW"276f"G&B&P&RF7W'BRvFWfW"FV"&ƗGFRG&FƗfW'v2F6VRFVG&P6FBW6R&V7FBfFV v&vR&R67FFǒrBWrv2FFVW"7F&W26v7B6VR6r2VFW'FrFRBbW"f6Bv2G&rvRGFVFV@v&6VB'FR7F'2FRvWVB6RbFV"FV6VW2W6VBFP6rvR&RvrFG'WBFVvR6rvFRbFRw&W22'Bb6W'6RvRv&PFVƗfW&rWBvVVF2vVBBfR&VV76&RvFWBFR7W'BbFRW&Vf&@Ɩ22G&fV67B&R&&FfRWfW'PfVBFRFWBV66vrBVvFW fVBFR֖'W2FVv6RbFRW0FRvW&RGV&W2vR&Rf&Rf"&w2FF67W70f&R6w2V6R6F7B6&W"Sccb3"VF֖&W@f6WFVG&R&rVsRB`sr`)xBЮ)x)x)x)x0ФТ vVWfW"vFWfW )x)x)x)x)x0"rCrB"rࢢC"00RBb2BC22rs#2Rrs`B2"rC#2ҲC2r2r r$RBr$2B$2B "BRB2""r"R"B22rR"rrr"B22R"Rr2BR"RBbb2RBBrBRR"R"Rb"B""Rr2BR"RBBr"rBbbB"RrRB2rrP2B"R2B"2"B2"B0)x)x)x