Festive News 2017 2017 - Page 39

HEREFORDSHIRE HAS 50,000 VOLUNTEERS BUT MORE ARE NEEDED FESTIVE NEWS • DECEMBER 2017 • PAGE 39 O g l e b y B u t c h e r s Will Lindesay Chief Executive of Hvoss explains how to become a volunteer To give your time freely, without expectation of anything in return is a special thing. Hvoss (Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service) estimates that around 50,000 people (almost 1 in 3 of everyone living in Herefordshire) is actively volunteering to help out others in their loal community. Quite incredible I hear you say! With so many doing so much, it does make me ask the question “Where would we be in Herefordshire without volunteers?” That said many volunteers will tell you they get back more from the experience than they put in, quoting personal development, friendship and social networks as benefits of volunteering or ‘just helping out’ as so many see it. As a sporty teenager, volunteering helped me take my first important step on the career ladder. It brought me into contact with some very special people, and several of them have become lifelong friends who are still very important in my life today. This time of year is when many start to think of new beginnings, so why not consider starting volunteering as your New Year’s resolution? Here at hvoss our Volunteer Bureau is a non-judgemental service where you can explore around 400 volunteering opportunities on our database, you will be amazed at the huge range of opportunities available. hvoss provides a range of servic W07W'B( 7FfRBf'&BfVF'6V7F"7&72W&Vf&G6&^( W 6W'f6W2&Rf&RF66&FW2fVF'B6VGw&W2F@VVB767F6RvRW7FFRFW&R&PvVfW"&v6F2bF0GW&RFR6VGvFr6V66&F&RvB&VVfGFrFW'2vRffW"&vRb6W'f6W2FW V&W'2BFW"Bf"&fBw&W06VFrgVFrGf6Rf&FWGv&rFW&W7Bw&WVvF'VrW"w&WWF&V7G2@6VGG&7'BV6R6F7BW2C3"3C33" vFW"vV'6FRBwwrf72&rVf"gW'FW"f&F&WBrvP6VbRvBF7VFW0&W@fVFVW&pVfVFVW$f72&rV"6Ɩ6FP( ĒvBFfVFVW.( 'WGFBFRf@bW"vV'6FRN( 2g&VRF&Vv7FW"FV6V&6ƖRB6VRv6&W26V@FW&W7FrFR$DU%2r$TrDTd"e$TP$tREU$U244T2ET42tTU4R$TTbtB$4$5D25T4&VW72GW&W'&V7BBW7B *3㓒W"p4$5D2TBU rGW&W'&V7BB֖&rrv@֖&rr&VVbB֖Vrr6Ɩ6W26'F&6&6r6Ɩ6W27G&V&6r"6W6vW0r#B66F6W6vW2r"6W6vRV@r"w2&WG0r6vRb7GVffpd" *3S$DU"rs7BvV7G&VWBW&Vf&@FVâC3"#cS#CwwrvV''WF6W'26V   00220 20B@