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BOOTERS BOOST LIONS CHARITY FUND Car boot sales have long been an outlet for ardent bargain hunters to search for and find a nice little earner. How often do we hear on TV antique shows the story of someone buying something at a car boot for 50p and being told by the TV expert its worth £500 or even £5,000. OK, so no-one so far has struck gold at Hereford Lions Club’s popular car boot sale on Roman Road opposite Bookers but the thousands who turn up through the spring and summer season go home happy with the useful items bought at a knock down price. The sellers are happy with just a charge of £5 a boot and the buyers delighted they do not have to fork out £1 to park as they do at the boot sale on the other end of Roman Road. The regulars refer to the Lions site as ‘The friendly boot sale’ Everyone is made welcome. No hassle, just a jovial Saturday morning bargain hunting. There is even a coffee and burger van. FESTIVE NEWS • DECEMBER 2017 • PAGE 37 Shall I buy it? One lady ponders if the dress is her style The real winners are the dozens of local charities and community projects who benefit from the proceeds of the Lions boot sale - £3,900 this year. On behalf of Lions, a big thankyou to everyone - the sellers for their fiver and the buyers who drop loose change into the charity bucket. It’s a pleasure to meet you all and we look forward to welcoming you to the 2018 season opening at Easter. We will keep you posted on Facebook, website and the Admag. Meanwhile, the boot team wish you all a jolly merry Christmas and in the spirit of car booting we hope you find some really good bargains on your festive present shopping trek around the shops. HEREFORD HW WHITECROSS C CLUB Herefordshire’s Finest Tennis and Squash Club Licenced and qualified coaches Also Racket Ball Table Tennis There are not a lot of sailors in landlocked Hereford. A few canoeists on the River Wye, perhaps. So when Hereford Lions Club staged a charity auction at its Autumn Ball at Lyde Arundel they were not expecting a rush of bids for a weekend sailing a posh yacht off the coast of Cornwall. How wrong they were. Three local businessmen, John Davies (RSSAC Ltd), Robin Mason (Acre Accountancy Ltd) and Chris Williams (Melcon Hereford Ltd) (l to r in the picture) had never put to sea in a boat and decided it was time they tested their sea-legs. They faced stiff opposition from other tables at the ball, but their bid of £3000 finally won the prize which helped Lions Club donate a total of £10,000 to St Michael’s Hospice. It might also surprise Festive News readers that the yacht with three cabins and room aboard for seven is owned by the members of little known Hereford Sailing Club set up 20 years ago and is stationed during the summer months at exotic locations around Europe. Its UK base is Plymouth from where our intrepid trio set sail up the coast to Fowey, battling heavy winds; not good for virgin sailors! Chris was sea sick. For the return trip next day the weather was glorious and the coastal views were terrific Obviously, the sailing club having donated the prize didn’t risk their expensive craft to some first time sailors and they – and the yacht -were in the safe hands of club member and captain, David Halpern, onetime city coroner. Anyone fancy some serious sailing? Hereford Sailing Club welcomes new members. Your local department store Sollars Close, Whitecross Road, Hereford, HR4 0LX. Tel: 276389 Volkswagen Group Specialists Volkswagen - Audi - SEAT - Skoda Sales and Service Beech Business Park, Tillington Road, Hereford HR4 9QJ Tel: 01432 270201 www.nedpotter.co.uk Finance Options Outstanding Service Facilities •Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor •Arboricultural Consultants & Contractors •Tree work undertaken to British Standard 3998:2010 •Health & Condition Inspections •Independent advice •24 hour emergency callout •Comprehensive insurance Telephone: 01531 660557 &/27+,1*‡.,7&+(16 %$7+5220‡%('5220 email: office@adrianhopetreeservices.co.uk Proud to be supporting ‘Hereford Lions Club’ www.adrianhopetreeservices.co.uk PHILIP MORRIS & SON The home & country department store 18 & 23 Widemarsh Street ‡+HUHIRUG‡+5(( 01432 377089 www.philipmorrisdirect.co.uk Follow us on: search Philip 0RUULV 6RQ #B3KLOLS0RUULV