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PAGE 36 • FESTIVE NEWS • DECEMBER 2017 The Bay Horse Lions ‘Eggheads’ team (l to r) Jim Smith, Chris Lewis, Lyn Price, Mike Poole, Roger Lloyd, Clive Lambert. CHRIS MISSES OUT ON HIS MOMENT OF FAME Chris Lewis had a passion for quizzes and never missed the monthly Lions Club pub quiz at The Bay Horse so he was over the moon when his team was accepted to compete in the popular BBC TV show, ‘Eggheads.’ Calling themselves the Bay Horse Lions the team had travelled to Glasgow to record the show in August ready for broadcast later this year and ordered to keep the result secret so as not to ruin it for viewers. But Chris, 59 a coach driver will never see his moment of fame - win or lose- on television. Just a few weeks after filming he was driving his National Express coach on his regular run from Hereford to London when he collapsed and died as he helped passengers on board at Cirencester. His late father, Geoff was a founder of Hereford Lions Club and Chris was also a member. The village hall in Stretton Sugwas has Royal connections and a recent make-over really has made it ‘Fit For A King.’ The hall was built in the 1930’s on land belonging to the Duchy of Cornwall which in turn belongs to Prince Charles, the future King in his role as Prince of Wales. The community run hall has a 500 year lease at a pepper corn rent of £1 a year. Their landlord would be highly delighted with the outcome of a £300,000 refurbishment paid for by a Lottery Fund grant which has created one of the finest community facilities in the county used regularly for yoga, dancing and jive classes, Brownies, lunch club and social events. It includes a meeting room with Wi Fi and coffee and tea making facilities and the hall committee is now offering this useful facility to businesses and local groups as a convenient meeting venue. Hiring fees will be more competitive than similar venues in Hereford just three miles away and there is plenty of free parking. John Robinson, a civil engineer and committee chairman, together with Val Javens spent two years negotiating with the Lottery Fund before getting the go ahead to start the modernisation project with city builders Owen Pell. Said committee member Terry Williams, who acted as project supervisor alongside John Robinson: “For our village gaining the Lottery grant was literally like winning a million on the Lottery. The hall had served the community well for close on a century, but it badly needed modernising and we are all delighted with the end result” He added: “Anyone needing a hall for social events or a specially designed and fitted out meeting room will find it much less hassle to pop out to Stretton Sugwas than battle with traffic and parking in the city.” To find out more contact Mrs Helen Beavan, 2 Sugwas Pool Cottages, Swainshill, Hereford. Tele: 07896867146. E mail: helenssvh@gmail.com. Or more info: strettonsugwasparish council.co.uk Locks Garage Fuel, Fresh Produce, Post Office, animal feeds and much, much more! Open 5 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week Allensmore, Herefordshire, HR2 9AS Email: locksgarage@btinternet.com Telephone: 01981 570206 www.locksgarage.co.uk END OF A CRICKET LANDMARK The annual Herefordshire Schools Cricket final between Hereford Cathedral and John Maesfield High School, Ledbury brought to an end 180 years of cricketing history in Ledbury. But Maesfield’s team lost by just two runs to Hereford Cathedral robbing them of going down in the history book as winners of the last match to be played on the Ledbury Cricket Club next to the Pitcher pub. The ground, owned by the pub owners is to become a housing estate. The cricket club moves to a new ground. The John Burgoyne Cup for the runners up, in memory of the late J 'W&vRG&V7W&W"bƖ26V"f"fW"3V'2v2&W6VFVBFW6fVBv66''2&6V''W&vRV&2B6'fVBbVw&fV@w&FR&&Rb7FPBr(UD4$PFv7F2v&vVW&6W'f6r@@FRWrfvRFVâC3"#cscspw27&RBv&vPw27&R&BW&Vf&@&VfFB6Vp2TtU D@VVF67VF g&VR'&6W&RBW7FFW02TtU"67VF'0$4$Bt%TDp4E$5D D$t5DD&6fVB&BW&Vf&BFVâC3"#cwwr7VvW"6V"ssrc#cs@DDt4$R4DTE$%D4TE5D4UD@%TDr4E$5D%0Wr'VG2WFV62FW&F26fVvVW&rFV6RV&rVFr6"V7FF&fr6'VG'FV6&Fr7W&6Rv&VFW'FVgVǒ7W&VBg&VRW7FFW0fW"CV'2WW&V6RwV&FVW2R&fW76BW'66W'f6PrVVW25$"6V6VBB6''B6&G0BRB2"R22B"R( 2rbBBbrr2rrrBBr"@2BrBRrBR"Rb"B"2rrr222R2ЦRR"R2222R2rrr222R2RVV7G&66W'f6W0#Sc@W&Vf&@66RC3"#&RssCcSS0VW@b#p"ss3S#0vRR"R22RrRR"pW7Bf"fW"RV'0ffW&rgV&V66VvVW&p6W'f6RFB6VFW2GW&r֖Ɩrw&FrBf'&6F2VBfWv&2fWG&FrW7FFPW&Vf&B#%4`C3"#s