Festive News 2017 2017 - Page 30

CATHEDRAL TOP HONOURS FOR FOUR LIONS FUNERAL SERVICES PAGE 30 • FESTIVE NEWS • DECEMBER 2017 Independent & family run business Located in the city centre Within walking distance of the County Hospital and Registrars Office at the Town Hall. Parking Available. SIMPLE CREMATION FROM £800 PLUS DISBURSEMENTS BURIAL PRICES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST Excellence is standard 55 ST OWEN STREET, HEREFORD HR1 2JQ TEL: 01432 340777 www.cfsh.co.uk h ereford m bility C entre (l to r) George Thomas, Colin Smith, Martin Exell with their awards Keith Martin – famed for his party planning. Four members of Hereford Lions Club have been honoured for long and distinguished service to Lions International, the global humanitarian and community aid organisation which this year celebrates its centenary Between them the quartet of Lions has 112 years service and all have served as president. At the club’s 57th Charter dinner three members, George Thomas, Colin Smith and Martin Exell were inducted to the Melvin Jones Fellowship, named after the founder of Lions International. In other roles George has been publicity officer for 34 years and Editor of Lions Festive News since its launch 24 years ago; Colin is the long serving secretary and ran the club’s holiday home for many years; Martin was community transport officer for a long period. Keith Martin, with 43 years service and already a member of the Melvin Jones Fellowship was given the rare honour of being admitted to the highly ranked Founders Fellowship , recognising hi 2WG7FFr6G&'WFR2&VvVB0WfVG2&v6W"W7V6ǒFRƖ2fW0WrV.( 2WfR'FW2G&&6RgVG2f"fVF'v&fW'6V0F&VRFVVvW'2rFF6VGv&6GW&rFV"7VW"ƖF2#&R&v6rgV@&6r66W'BW"6W&66GW&FFV6V&W""r3FbFR&v&RW&Vf&B66W'B&BFRG&F"Ɩ6R6rbVvVRBvV6WBW2B7B'( 2v66Vwv&FR@V&W'2bW"6W&6v&RFr'Bv&@6VvRWW&66Rffr&V7G2f"6G&V@66W'fFv&B6VvRv26WBWrF6V@VrfVFVW'2F6VG&W2VVBbWG&7W'BFW&R7GW&VBB6ffVR&rv6&6VB *3sCF6WG2f"FR&R6&7F266W'B&R *3RB6VFRv70bvRFRFW'fॖW"6&ƗG6vFvVFbvVFvR@WW'F6RFVRRFR&vB66W2f"bW &ƗG&WV&VVG2W"G'VR6&ƗG6FVàC3"#cC3307F&ƖgG266FW'2&6R&V6ƖR6'2&F&FFF2FǒƗfrG0V6Rf6BW"Wr6w&B&ƗGW6PR7G&FrW7FFRR7&BW&Vf&B#"dE fW&Vf&F&ƗG6VwwrW&Vf&F&ƗG6V