Festive News 2017 2017 - Page 26

Volunteers clear up the city mess PAGE 26 • FESTIVE NEWS • DECEMBER 2017 Hereford was in line to win the award for the untidiest city in Britain after a cash strapped county council was forced to abandon flower beds and most of the litter picking. Now, an army of volunteers is taking over, turning defeat into victory. And their battle cry to the rest of the citizens is: ‘Come and join us.’ The Bloom team now responsible for the beds and planters had a fantastic display of flowers in the summer and have just completed the winter planting. Chairman Kevin Knipe said: “The public can no longer just sit back and say ‘that’s the council’s job’. If we want our city to look good we must do it ourselves.” There has been a surge in the number of volunteers turning out to work on clean-up projects. Tidy- ing up the Duck Pond by Castle Green was a classic example. Two women are at the forefront of the new initiative : Emma Jones of Credenhill has set up Hereford Clean-up group and uses Facebook to muster her volunteers for litter picking work sessions. Anne Harbour who lives in St