Festive News 2017 2017 - Page 23

LIONS GOLF CHAMPS FESTIVE NEWS • DECEMBER 2017 • PAGE 23 Winning ladies: (l to r) Gill Boase, Jo Danks, Debbie Cooke, Jan Preece. Hereford Lions Club’s annual popular charity golf tournament at Herefordshire Golf Club, Wormsley was won by a city four man team of Chris Cole, (captain) Ben Lloyd, Mark Savidge and Paul Banister with a score of 109 points. In second place on 101 were Andrew Johnson, Graham Webb, Richard Vale ! Winning men’s team: (l to r) Chris Cole, Ben Lloyd, Mark Savidge, Paul Banister. and Sean Beasley and just one point behind in third place were Mark Sandford, Eamon Croft, Dex Murgatroyd and Stuart Humphries. The winning ladies team, playing on their home course were Gill Boase, Jo Danks, Debbie Cooke and Jan Preece, ladies captain at Wormsley, with a score St Michael’s Hospice Festive Events Plants - Garden Products - Seeds and Bulbs Furniture - Gifts - Pets - Aquatrics & Reptiles Log Cabins - Greenhouses - Nail & Beauty Salon Kitchens SABATO A very Happy Christmas to all our customers at 3a St Peters Square, above Tanners Wines Tel: 01432 273545 Sabato at ‘Headlines’ No. 15, The Oval, Belmont Tel: 01432 265260 The annual St Michael’s Hospice Light up a Life programme continues until Sunday, 17th December. This year sees 20 special services and events across Herefordshire and beyond, giving people the chance to come together to remember the lives of those close to them who have died. For the full list of venues, visit st-michaels- hospice.org.uk The week before Christmas, on Sunday 17th December, sees the Hospice’s Christmas Festival, held at Hereford Shirehall. This year you can get into the festive spirit by donning a Santa suit and running through High Town and the Old Market during a circula "TॖVvW"W26VVbG&&V@vFvVrVFFRFRVb6WFR0G&VW7F2WfW'RFr'Bv&V6VfRVbB@BFRVBVFFRv&W6VBF6R6WFrFPG&vF6W'Ff6FRb6w&GVF2VvRFR6&7F2&WBFP6&V( 2w&VBv&R6VBvF7F06VƖrFFRFV2B&GV7G2Rv( @6VRFRv7G&VWBfFW"6&7F2v6&R&W6VBf"F2औEU5E$4U$4u$5TEU$DU5D2%TDrtTT@T4fW"SV'2WW&V6RvFFRGW7G'T4U"4f"7WB&fRFR&W7Bv@f6B6&Ff"6'G2b7WG06G&VvV6Pbsbf'GFV2F'Bg&FVwW7BBRbFRfWr7VG'F0bFRvVVBv22W7VvV7W'FVB'76'6g&FV0b66W2vF&RF*3R&6VBf"66&FW07W'FVB'Ɩ26V"VW&w66W'fF6G&77FV0'F&RƖ6RFW7Fp6V7W&G77FV245Eg0VV7G&67W'fW2&W'G0'&VFv6W'f6PU$Td$BĔԕDT@TT5E$4TtTU%0B4E$5D%0FF6&Ɩpf&R&7FF0VFr7FF0ƖvFr7FF0BFW6vvW"7FF0