Festive News 2017 2017 - Page 2

PAGE 2 • FESTIVE NEWS • DECEMBER 2017 As they have done for half a century the volunteer members of Hereford Lions Club will be doing their bit to bring some Christmas cheer to the community with Santa’s Sleigh tour and Santa’s Grotto, two key elements of the festive season. Both have become a big part of the Christmas scene in the city and surrounding villages. How lucky we are that children and their families can rush out into the street to meet Santa in safety and return to their warm and comfortable homes for a nice supper. Across the world millions will spend Christmas in refugee camps, cold and hungary driven from their homes by savage hurricanes, brutal wars and even ethnic cleansing. And we moan about a few roads being closed! The message is simple: Let us be grateful for what we have and at the same time think how we might help others. As Festive News reports on the front page, the need for more volunteers to lend a hand in their communities is more vital than ever. As the old saying goes – Christmas comes only once a year – and many will be grateful for that. But when it does arrive it gives each of us the opportunity to reflect on the big question: Are we doing enough to help and support those in our communities for whom life is a struggle for what- ever reason. Meanwhile, let us not forget that Christmas is a time of celebration. On behalf of Hereford Lions Club and its fellow volunteer members in 46,000 Lions Clubs worldwide I wish you a Christmas of peace and joy. Ian Foster LOOK BACK WITH PRIDE Hereford Lions Club and its volunteer members concentrates its vision on the future – building its membership, coming up with new fund raising ideas and above all seeking to improve the quality of life for those in our community in need of some extra support, especially in these economically challenging times. But sometimes we can all learn from the past, so the Editor delved into the archives to see what the club has achieved over its 57 year existence. Put simply, it’s one hell of a lot! In the first five years a holiday home providing free seaside holidays, a community transport service and Hereford Hospital Radio had been set up. Lions were suddenly experts at raising cash for charities and individuals in need of support. Who would have thought of raffling four bullocks or a new bungalow; a holiday in New York flying on Concorde and returning o ѡE(ȰȁѡѼݥȸ)Qչɕ́ѡ́ͅչ́Ʌ͕)́٥хɥѥ́Ս́MЁ5e)!хɹ́ ɕé!5) ȁI镹́ѡ́́չѱ)́٥Յ́))Yչѕɥ́Ёѡٕ䁍ɔݡЁ1) Չ́%ѕɹѥх́ȁݔ)ݡѱЁ1ɹé)ɔѼٽչѕ́ѡ)չѥ̸1́ ՈݥݕԁѼ)ѡȁɅ̸)5%MM%=8MQQ59P=1%=9L 1U)%9QI9Q%=90)]MIY+qQݕȁٽչѕ́Ѽ͕ٔѡ)չѥ̰Ёյхɥ̰)Ʌɽєѕɹѥ)չхѡɽ՝1́ Չ)͕ͽ́QɅٕ)9\1H)=H1%=9L)9܁ɕͥЁ!ɕɐ1) Ո́%ѕȁݡݥх)ѡɕ́Ȁȁѡ̸%)хѕ́ɕȁ́)͕٥)ݥѠ))1ѕ͡ɔAɍ)ѕȁݥэѼ)ɥٕ!ɕɐ܁)Ʌȁ1ɐ)9Ѡ Ʌ!ݽձ)ѕȁ)٥ͽȸ)͵%́ɥЁ)́չѕȁ)Ѡ̸́ݕ́Ո)ȁɕх́́ɽ)ȁɝѡՉ)չɅЁ͕٥!)ݥAձٔMѽ)MЁ9̸)=9 eH)%L9=U ) ɥѵ́́Ё啅ȁ́ѡͅ她)ݡѕٕȁѡɕЁѡ剔ѡЁ́)ѡѕȁձݔɕ䁍ݥѠ)ɔѡͥȁɔхѱ)ɕєЁ܁ ɥѵ́́)͕ɥ́Ѽͅѥ͙ѡɍݽɱ)%́՝ݡѡ́͡хЁ͕) ɥѵ́Ʌ́ѡյȸ9)ӊéЁѼѡЁ䁄啅ȸ)]MIY)!ɕɓé%ЁQɅٕ)Q%1=H5!=1%eL)9Ё䁑ݔȁѡݥЁɅ+qAt!̰Ёɔȁ́ȃq%ЁQɅٕt) %Qd I-L)H]d)1-L95=U9Q%9L)M-%%99]%9QHMA=IQL)MI$9Y9QUI)5%1d!=1%eL) ЁݡЁ́́ɕ)ɽѡȁɅ̸ٕ)Q耠Ȥ)-ɡɴ ܰ!ɕɐ!HȀ @)ܹ͕ͽ͡ɕɐ)5ѥMф݅́Ёȁѡ)ѱɰ)1%=9L)ѥٔ9)ѽɝQ)ٕѥͥ5-Ѡ5ѥ)ѥٔ9́́Չ͡Յ䁉)!ɕɐ1́ ՈѼЁѡ)չ䁅́䁍ɥɽ̸)A͔Ёȁٕѥ͕́ݥѡЁݡ)ѥٔ9́ݽձЁͥ) хЁх)!ɕɐ1́ Ո MѠ)1́ ՈMɕх䰀́-͡ȁI)!ɕɐ!HȀQ QȀ)͵ѡ)ܹɕɑ̹) ɥ9(IiE-IM 1]Ya1Y-0(1D !=!T %IT !U!%IU E IU!Y]!T )iihE%IiE-IM EA1]Ya1Y-0AUXEHEa8(=!X(!Ue1 ( X(U]X(I==!]1ID $ !=1e!Up e1== )%IT X $ !Ue11E((!U!%IU 1IEX =a i1Y, ]H ]-E8 q-IUY I]IUX %IT )]-!1T iIE!U%a< YaMMIU\ 1D YaMM=q1E(  %E]Y]1 (1]Ya1Y-0 TLL ID %U! =ID ]Ii1E( E] E -1X )Y=!1), ]-UIa)-Ia\ !!A!T ( LP\XT ThX hpP(1Y1\ T\L 1E)X U I< !U!%IU< \ L