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PAGE 16 • FESTIVE NEWS • DECEMBER 2017 TRIBUTES TO JANICE www.bvgc.co.uk Hay and Straw V i s i t o r s S pe ci a l of f e r November to February, Monday to Friday 1 8 Ho l e s - £1 5 I n c l u d e s c o f f e e a n d b a c o n r o l l (Subject to Tee Time Availability) Tel: 01432 760808 Tillington Rd, Burghill, Hereford HR4 7RW FOR SALE Small bales J o h n Bu r d o n Tributes have been paid to Janice Smith who died in May while on holiday in Austria. She and husband Colin were in a mountain cable car when Janice, 67 had a heart attack. Her funeral at Holmer Church, were she and Colin were married, was attended by more than 300 showing the high regard in which she was held. The couple shared a commitment to voluntary community work; Colin being secretary to Hereford Lions Club and a former president and they were also closely involved in Belmont Community Centre where the Mayor, Cllr Sharon Michael recently unveiled two benches donated by the family in Janice’s memory. Donations at the funeral amounted to £1,500, shared equally between Midlands Air Ambulance, a project long supported by the family and Lions Club who plan to use it to create a permanent memorial to Janice. Colin told Festive News: “The family is grateful for the many tributes to Janice and especially the large number of donations given in her memory.” During his two terms a 0Ɩ0&W6FV@6Ɩ&W6VFVBFR"'V6PvF *3#&VbbƖ06V"FFRf֖ǒvFW"vFFR"BFR&W6VFFbGv&V6W2W"V'ख6W'C6RƖFW7G&Rrr'"BrRf"R"Rb"@BRB2"#r2b "RrrRRbPf"W"v2&WV&VVG0W&Vf&Bv26W'f6W2F@"RBRR"22BR"BB7RB6VG&VFrr7FF0r&W"6W'f6rrr6 r77FVWFFW2r&W'0r&vRF7bf&W6W0rv2f&W2r6WFFfR&6PpT"t%$E4TT5DTBt$4U5DU"$U%0FVfC3"#s#3#VBB'FW"G&Fr6VG&R'FW"&BW&Vf&@wwrW&Vf&Fv76W'f6W26V