Festive News 2017 2017 - Page 11

FESTIVE NEWS • DECEMBER 2017 • PAGE 11 HEREFORD GOLD The County’s largest selection of wedding rings in 9/18/22ct gold, along with platinum, palladium and diamond set. Over 500 to choose from at prices FINDING THE ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS The long running Lions Pub Quiz night at the Bay Horse inn continues to be as popular as ever, providing a great night out for those with the urge to test their mental agility – and helping raise funds for local good causes. Close on £3,000 this year. The quizzes are held on the third Thursday of 50% below High Street Jewellers! each month at 7-30pm and include supper (No quiz in December) The winning team in October was the oddball named ‘I wear women’s clothes’ pictured (above) who have four wins to their name and all work in social services department at Herefordshire Council. CITY R TEd"dU5DdDU0W&Vf&B2&W76VBFR7F'B'WGFf"v6fW7FfR6V6FR6&7F2ƖvG2&R&pWBvV6RF6W'2B6F22w&GFff6R'FW2&RgV7vr( 2BFR6FVG&2G2bWfVG2F&V֖BW2vvR&R6VV'&Fr6&7F2FRvB6r2fV&W"#"BFV6V&W"#vV&rv&Rg&VRgFW"G6V66"&2B&WBBWfV7G&VWB6&vW2W7BG&GV6VBv&R&VVBf"FRGvvG2&WFW'2&RWV7Fr'VW"6&7F26W2B&WBvBFFR6V67vrfV&W"vFƖvG27vF6BR3fvV@'vFvFRF&B&VBFV&FfƖ6rFR7vF6fV&W"BFRG&FFFV2W76'6FVƖvBBFR6FVG&FV6V&W"6WG2FR66VRf F6RvFrF&FR&'FbW7W26GFVBFR6&6W'f6RG2GvvG2FV6V&W #"B#2G2g&VR'WBF6WG2W7B&R&W6W'fVBऄ0v&VFW"WFF"vW"&GV7G0f&Rg&ФU$Td$BtU"4U%d4U0&VV6'W6W72&FƖwF&BW&Vf&B#BFVC3"#sCssPwwrW&Vf&FvW'6W'f6W6FB6V6W4W&Vf&FvW'6W'f6W6FB6V( f"W"&W'G&WV&VVG>( Ц66&W'G6W0)xWGFw0)xV7F0)x6W&6)xWVW7G&)xFW&F)xW&Vf&@V֖7FW C3"3CCssScccFW"ff6W26W7FW"6&Ww6'W'bFwwr&֦666VvRfRfW"#&WvF6W2F66Rg&Цg& *3CR*3"ÓPgVǒwV&FVVBvF&W0U$Td$Bt@C"6W&6&B6FR'W27FFW&Vf&B#$$pvVBg&b6B3R3FW'2RХ2R"brBR6RBb"BV"0wwrW&Vf&FvC6УB2"3RR@