Festive News 2017 2017 - Page 10

CELEBRATING LIONS CENTENARY PAGE 10 • FESTIVE NEWS • DECEMBER 2017 Hereford Lions Club celebrated the centenary of Lions Clubs International with a display in the city centre on Saturday August 26 when one hundred ladies were each presented with a single rose to highlight the anniversary. The club, itself founded in 1960 also used the occasion to promote the community work it undertakes, to make more people aware of the vital role Lions Clubs play in their communities worldwide as well as seeking new members. The High Town display was also a thank you to the public for their generous support over the years.. (Below) Mick Harmon (centre) tells shoppers all about Lions International. Lions club members (clockwise) Sian Bayliss (left), Ian Foster, John von Anrep and Colin Smith present Centenary roses to ladies in High Town. TRADITIONAL FISH & CHIPS EDWARDS PLAICE Bonelle & Co Ltd Owen Weatherall m: 07837 303 750 e: tree.monkeyman@hotmail.com Chartered Accountants weatherall Tree Surgery & Landscaping Gardening Tree Surgery: Dismantling, Felling, Thinning Pollarding, Crown Reduction G Garden Design & Landscaping G Lawn Care G Hedge Maintenance For that Special kind of Christmas present IGER ELICOPTERS TRIAL HELICOPTER LESSONS Fro £1 m 50 Gift vouchers available G 1 Wyecliffe Terrace Bath Street, Hereford. HR1 2HG Telephone: (01432) 353 024 19 Hereford Road, Leominster, Hereford HR6 8JS National Diploma in Arboriculture & Horticulture – HR6 8JS print media display supp ort the o t d u o r p e r a u stomers a c r u o l ll a h is i i ns and w s New Y e ar ! u o Herefor d Lio r e p s o r p d mas an om Ha p py Christ rintgro u p.c ab cp w .a w w • 0 0 7 0 01432 7 6 Call us on: 01568 708028 www.tigerhelicopters.co.uk ɄǝɄ ɄɄɄ 1$)"ɄɄ'*'Ʉ*!!$ Ʉ( ).Ʉ2 Ɩ- Ʉ ..$' ƇɄ2# /# -Ʉ4*0Ʉ) Ʉ/*Ʉ(& Ʉ #)" .Ʉ/*Ʉ4*0-Ʉ+*'$4Ʉ*-Ʉ(& ɄɄ'$(ƆɄ Ʉ  Ʉ)Ʉ# '+Ʉ4*0Ʉ$).0- Ʉ4*0-ƈɄ ƌɄ*( ɄƎɄ-Ʉ ƌɄ0.$) ..Ʉ ƌɄ*-. ɄƎɄ*-. Ʉ*3Ʉ ƌɄ ɄƎɄ*(( -$'Ʉ #$' Ʉ Ʉ *-ɄɄ- 'Ʉ*)1 -./$*)Ʉ*0/Ʉ4*0-Ʉ ) .Ʉ''Ʉ ŲųŶŵŴɄŴŸŻɄźŶŲɄ*-Ʉ+*+Ʉ$)/*Ʉ*0-Ʉ -)#Ʉ "-$0'/0- Ʉ*0. ƇɄ #Ʉ0.$) ..Ʉ -&ƇɄ$''$)"/*)Ʉ*ƇɄ#- Ʉ'(.ƇɄ  - !*-ƇɄ - !*-.#$- ɄŶɄŻ ɄɄ 0-Ʉ" )/.Ʉ- Ʉ++*$)/ Ʉ- +- . )//$1 .Ʉ*!Ʉ# Ʉ/$*)'Ʉ-( -.Ʉ)$*)Ʉ 0/0'Ʉ ).0-) Ʉ*$ /4Ʉ $($/ ɄƧ*ƆɄųųųŻźŴƨƆɄ "$./ - Ʉ$)Ʉ)"')ƆɄ "$./ - Ʉ!!$ ƈɄ $$)"/*)Ʉ*ƇɄ/-/!*-Ʉ0+*)Ʉ1*)ƇɄ-2$&.#$- ƇɄŵŹɄŹ ƆɄ0/#*-$. Ʉ4Ʉ/# Ʉ-0 )/$'Ʉ "0'/$*)Ʉ0/#*-$/4Ʉ)Ʉ- "0'/ Ʉ4Ʉ/# Ʉ$))$'Ʉ*)0/Ʉ0/#*-$/4Ʉ )Ʉ/# Ʉ-0 )/$'Ʉ "0'/$*)Ʉ0/#*-$/4ƆɄɄ( ( -Ʉ*!Ʉ/# Ʉ..*$/$*)Ʉ*!Ʉ-$/$.#Ʉ ).0- -.ƆɄɄ *-Ʉ. 0-$/4Ʉ)Ʉ/-$)$)"Ʉ+0-+*. .ƇɄ/ ' +#*) Ʉ''.Ʉ(4Ʉ Ʉ- *- Ʉ)Ʉ(*)$/*- ƆɄ