Fernie & Elk Valley Culture Guide Issue 7 - Winter 2017 - Page 18

FERNIE MUSEUM Explore 140 years of history The Fernie Museum and Visitor Centre, located in the historic 1908 Home Bank building, has welcomed over 55,000 visitors since opening in that location in 2013. Featuring intriguing stories and collections it is a must-do for all visitors. THIS IS OUR FERNIE The permanent exhibition tells the story of Fernie’s legends and mythology, fires and mining disasters and tales of commercial, sporting and community life over the past 140 years. See the updated and refreshed exhibit, including new interactive displays, from December 1st. TRITES & WOOD MERCANTILE A new museum gift shop opens December 1st featuring a curated collection of items inspired by the museum’s collection, and life in Fernie. Browse the Fernie-branded products including Murchie’s Fernie blend tea, miniature rugs inspired by the carpets once sold at Trites-Wood department store, and Fernie Ladies’ Apothecary Soaps. The Museum is proud to present featured artists in the gift shop, beginning with jewellery designer Matti Martin in January and February. 18 FERNIE TREASURES AND CURIOSITIES DECEMBER 2 – MARCH 31 The fascination of historic objects is the foundation for museum collections. Objects make us wonder: “Who made this, and why?” Spanning over 40 years of collecting, the Fernie Museum has almost 10,000 artifacts in its Cultural History Collection that tell the story of the Elk Valley. The exhibit will feature a curated collection of 150 treasurers and curiosities from the museum’s vaults, many of which have not been seen by the public in over 20 years. VAULTS OF HISTORY: The vault doors of the former Home Bank—still on display in the museum as the entrance to the elevator— have their own story to tell. In 1923 the collapse of the Home Bank lost over $800,000 of Fernie residents’ money. The scandal caused a rewrite of Canadian Banking Law, preventing banks from taking such unmitigated risks in the future and paving the way for a robust and reliable Canadian banking system that prevented widespread bank failures during the Great Depression.