Fernie & Elk Valley Culture Guide Issue 6 - Fall 2017 - Page 24

FERNIE’S HERITAGE BUILDINGS – A Downtown Walking Tour CONT’D filled-in windows along the base of the building indicating that the street was once lower than it is today. 3   THE HOME BANK 491 2nd Avenue | Now in use as The Fernie Museum and Visitor Information Centre with the Canadian Bank of Commerce in 1961 and closed the branch in 1963.  Although some features have been altered, the brick and sandstone exterior retains many of its striking original features. Step inside for a taste of today; the Brickhouse serves up a large selection of Fernie Brewing Company Beers, BC wines and a tasty pub menu. The original bank vault is still in use as the chef’s pantry.  5   THE COURT HOUSE 401 4th Ave | Now in use as Fernie’s Government of BC Offices This highly decorative building was constructed in 1910 to house Ʌ)ѡ! ѡ)ѡ!ɍȵ5э1܁=)ѡ͕ȸፕЁȁѡ)аѡѕɥȁ́́ɥ)Ʌѥѡ́ͥ)ɥхեQɔѡ)! ́Ёɹ)ͥѽ̀Ѽɔ)ɥѥ é̸Q͔)܁ձ́ɕٕѕѡݥɕ)ɕ́ѡ̸(ЃQ!%5AI%0 9,(Āɹٔ9܁͔)Q ɥ͔ Ȁɥ)=՝Ѐİఁѡɹȁ(ɹٔѠMаѡ́)ѡɹɔѵЁ)ѡȁЁхѡЁѡ)хɽɔѡЁݽձյ)ɹЀѕ̸Q%ɥ) եЁ܁ɔ)䰁ͥхɐ͵)ɅͥQ䁵ɝ()1Ց́ é)ե̰ѡ Ё!͔́)хձȁѕԵ屔ե)Ʌɕ䁙չѡɕѡ)ɽչ́ѥհ٥́ѡ)ɽչ չх̸(؃ !=1d5%1d) Q!=1% !UI (ĀѠٕՔ)Qѽ䁽ѡɍѕ́Ѽ)ѡɹݡѡȁ()]͕݅́͠Ёɽ ɅɽѼ)͕́ȁɽ᥵ѕ)กMѡ͔́ѕ)éٕ݅́䁵Ѡѽ݅ɑ)ѡՍѥݽ͡