Fernie & Elk Valley Culture Guide Issue 2 Fall 2016 - Page 29

THE ARTS STATION CONCERT SERIES SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER Music in the mountains sounds a little more special when you add the friendly, funky venue of the Arts Station. The Concert Series is a firm favourite on the Fernie cultural calendar and has featured an array of musical stylings over the years, from down-home Bluegrass to Classical Spanish Guitar to the ever-popular Jazz performances. The 2016 season kicks off with returning favourite Coco Love Alcorn and the Wonderland release tour on September 16th. Don’t miss your chance to see the Vancouver finger style guitarist that Carly Rae Jepsen called ‘Amazing’ - Don Alder plays in Fernie on October 8th. Later in the season, Jazz is featured in two distinctly different styles. The Parker Abbott Trio will bring their unique blend of acoustic and electronic sounds on keyboard and percussion in October, while the Montreal Guitar Trio are sure to impress with their string mastery in November. Krief also features in November, bringing the deep and dramatic sound of his newest album Automanic to the Fernie stage. Concert Series performances begin at 8pm and tickets are available online at eventbrite, or from the Arts Station or Freshies. $20/adults, $14 youth. (Discounts available for members.) BOOKED! FERNIE WRITERS’ SERIES SEPTEMBER - MARCH For a remote little town, Fernie has an astonishingly active book scene. 2013 marked the first season of Booked!, a writers’ series at the Fernie Heritage Library. Past guests have included lauded and awarded stars of Canada’s literary world including Terry Fa \Z[[^Y[ZY [[\\ێ™XX][[\X\Xܛو\ L Y\˂YH][\HYH][[[^\X]\H[]\XX[\[Y[\HۘX[H\\܈H\[ۙ[YHX\[ۂH NKHY\ܚ]\Z\BYH]H܈HXY[[YIKX[[H^BY[\\XY]\]HY[X]\Y[H[Y[[[\Z[[\[ۜ˂\[ YH[\]\X\ۋ[[ۈ\[X\M]][]\]K][ۘ[[ܘ\X&\Y[\\وHYX\Z[YHۈ\[\]ܛ[\[XK[\[[\[^]^H۝[Y\H\Y\ۂؙ\ M ]ZXY[[H[\[HY\ۈ[[]BX\ۈ[[X\H[X\ \YK˛X\Y\˘ B