Feridax Product Range Feridax_2019 - Page 73

73 FERIDAX RANGE 2019 shoeiassured.co.uk ShoeiHelmetsUK T-SHIRT SAND / BLACK / GREY ZIP HOODY BLUE / GREY / BLACK BEANIE BLACK/PINK / GREY CAP CAP CAP TRUCKER CAP TRUCKER CAP WHITE/BLACK BLACK/WHITE BLACK/BLACK BLACK/GREY WHITE/BLUE WHISPER-STRIP* AIRMASK* (only X-Spirit II) (only for Raid II, XR-1100, XR-1000 and Multitec) CHIN CURTAIN* BREATH GUARD* prevents air turbulence and helps reduce noise (repels breath) NEW DESIGN COMING 2019 TEAR-OFFS Tear-off foils for racing visors CF-1, CF-1V, CWF-1 bikegear.co.uk SHOEI DRAWSTRING HELMET BAG 01384 410384 SHOEI RACING HELMET BAG dealer.feridax.com FUELING YOUR PASSION FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS