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355 FERIDAX RANGE 2019 PETRONAS LUBRICATION DURANCE CHAIN LUBRICANT DURANCE HELMET PURIFIER DURANCE INFLATE AND REPAIR 200ML 75ML 200ML Thanks to its high penetrative capacity and grip, this racing chain lubricant fights corrosion through its chemical action and resists the centrifugal force and scattering caused by water, leaving an even layer of protection against aggressive agents. DIRECTIONS: 1. Shake the can before use. 2. Lubricate with the supplied nozzle held close to the chain. This product has been specifically formulated for sanitizing helmet padding. It penetrates the padding, which every day is in contact with grease and sweat from the skin and hair. Its active components clean deeply, leaving a clean fresh smell. DIRECTIONS: Spray on the cloth parts inside the helmet and then allow to dry completely This product seals punctures and simultaneously inflates the tire. It is not recommended for lacerated tires. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. DIRECTIONS: 1. Remove the object that has caused the puncture. 2. Turn the wheel so the valve is pointing up. 3. Fully deflate the tire. 4. Shake the can very well. 5. Screw on the connector. 6. Holding the can vertical, press the button down continuously until the tire is fully inflated. 7. Have the tire repaired as soon as possible. FOR 200 AND 60 LITRE DRUMS OR BULK ORDERS. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR FERIDAX ACCOUNT MANAGER DURANCE HELMET WIPES This handy pack contains ten pairs of wipes for cleaning and drying all external surfaces of your helmet and the inside of the visor. The product eliminates hard-to-remove grime, such as insects, smog, grease and dust residues. Using the drying wipe eliminates marks. DIRECTIONS: 1. Rub the damp wipe over the surface to be cleaned. 2. Wipe the surface again with the dry wipe to eliminate any residue and marks from the helmet and visor. 3. Repeat with particularly stubborn grime bikegear.co.uk 01384 410384 dealer.feridax.com FUELING YOUR PASSION FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS