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354 FERIDAX RANGE 2019 PETRONAS LUBRICATION DURANCE BIKE CLEANER DURANCE BIKE DEGREASER CHAIN SPRAY CLEANER 400ML 400ML Extremely effective detergent for chains of motorcycles, with or without O-ring . Excellent cleaning and degreasing, rapid evaporation. Does not damage seals. This product is specific for cleaning, polishing and protecting motorcycle fairings without using water. It’s ideal for all painted surfaces as well as rubber, plastic and chrome parts. The formula contains special waxes that leave surfaces protected and with a polished finish. DIRECTIONS: 1. S  hake and spray generously, working on a small area at a time. 2. G  ently remove grime, wiping only the treated area with a soft cotton cloth. Dry using another clean cloth. This special formula with high detergent power guarantees extreme effectiveness in removing oil, grease, stains and hard- to-remove grime, such as mud, gasoline stains and exhaust residue. It doesn’t damage any materials and is also safe to use on aluminum alloys. DIRECTIONS: 1. Shake before use. 2. Spray and leave to work for a few minutes. 3. Remove the grime with a sponge and then rinse well with water. METAL & CHAIN CLEANER DURANCE CHROME POLISH DURANCE CHAIN GREASE SPRAY 400ML 150ML 200ML Extremely effective detergent for chains of motorcycles. Excellent cleaning and degreasing with rapid evaporation. Does not damage the seals. DIRECTIONS: 1. Shake the can before use. 2. Spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned and let it dry 3. Repeat the treatment in case of stubborn grime 4. Do not use on plastics or painted surfaces Specific product to remove oxidation and tar spots on all chrome or unpainted metal surfaces. Returns brilliance to handlebars, wheel rims and all other chromed objects or metals. DIRECTIONS: 1. Clean the area to be treated. Spread the product uniformly with a cloth on the surface to polish 2. Polish with a dry cloth With its special formula containing PTFE, this product fully and continuously lubricates transmission chains. It’s resistant to atmospheric agents, penetrates deep and doesn’t affect O-rings. Excellent adhesion makes it ideal for both track and off-road riding. DIRECTIONS: 1. Shake the can before use. 2. Lubricate with the supplied nozzle held close to the chain. FUELING YOUR PASSION FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS 01384 410384 dealer.feridax.com bikegear.co.uk