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327 FERIDAX RANGE 2019 BLUETOOTH SOLUTIONS 10S COMM SYSTEM The headset that has won the affections of motorcyclists across the globe gets a performance upgrade with Bluetooth 4.1, enhanced speakers, n increased intercom distance of 1.6km, FM radio, and a Smartphone App. Bluetooth 4.1 Four-way Intercom Universal Intercom™ 1.6 km Intercom Smartphone App Group Intercom™ Advanced Noise Control™ Voice Prompts Versatile Jog Dial FM Radio Available as dual pack 10S HELMET CLAMP KIT [10S-A0301] 10U SHOEI/ARAI COMM SYSTEM 10U-SH-01 GT-AIR 10U-SH-02 NEOTEC 10U-SH-03 J-CRUISE 10U SUPPLIES KIT FOR SHOEI J-CRUISE [10U-A0205] 10U SUPPLIES KIT FOR SHOEI GT-AIR/ NEOTEC [10U-A0201] bikegear.co.uk Bluetooth 4.1 Invisible beauty Remote control 1.6km intercom Four-way intercom Voice promts FM radio & Music sharing Advanced Noise Control™ Universal Intercom™ 10U-AR-01 ARAI 10U-SH-03 SHOEI J-CRUISE B/T COMM SYSTEM H/BAR REMOTE The Sena 10U delivers audiophile-worthy performance for your conversations and music in a stealthy setup that fits completely within the interior recesses of some of the world’s best helmets.Currently the 10U System is available in four different models for the Shoei GT-Air, Neotec, and J-Cruise and Arai full-face helmets. 10U-SH-11 SHOEI GT-AIR M/C B/T COMM SYSTEM RC4 REMOTE 01384 410384 10U-AR-01 ARAI FULL FACE B/T COMM SYSTEM H/BAR REMOTE dealer.feridax.com 10U-PAD HJ-02 M/C B/T COMM CHEEK PAD SYS FOR HJC FUELING YOUR PASSION FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS