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301 FERIDAX RANGE 2019 GRANIT DETECTO X-PLUS 8077 8077 DISC LOCK BLACK 8077 DISC LOCK BLUE 8077 DISC LOCK ORANGE 8077 DISC LOCK GREEN 8077 DISC LOCK YELLOW ADAPTOR CHAIN 12KS120 8077 DISC LOCK RED SH 8077 OPERATION AND USE TECHNOLOGY AND FEATURES TIP ❯ Very good protection at high theft risk ❯ 13 mm steel bolt ❯ This lock can be ordered keyed alike to other locks. This means several locks would match one key, respectively key code ❯ Recommended for securing valuable motorbikes HOLDER AND TRANSPORTATION ❯ Protective bag included for easy and secure transportation in a special compartment e.g. under the seat ❯ SH 8077 - bracket for comfortable transport and easy to mount on tubes with round (two tubes needed) diameter of 12 - 28 mm or square diameter of 12 - 18 mm ❯ The bolt, lock body as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel ❯ Alarm function on basis of the ABUS 3D detection system that means, that every movement is detected ❯ Alarm of at least 100 dB ❯ Lock can be transported in locked condition without activated detection system thanks to automatic brake disc recognition system ❯ A multi colour LED and different acoustic signals inform about battery, activation and alarm status ❯ ABUS X-Plus cylinder for highest protection against manipulations, e.g. picking ❯ Two keys are supplied with the lock, one LED lighted ❯ Brake disk locks are a very compact category of motorbike locks and consequently easy to transport ❯ To increase the security during longer parking time it is recommendable to secure the motorbike to a fixed object additionally ❯ Thanks to the 3D detection system the motorbike rider gets warned when lifting the bike into upright postion and an unintended ride off with the locked bike is prevented ❯ When the detection is activated the red flashing LED has an additional deterrent effect ❯ ABUS Code Card for additional or replacement keys ❯ Two AAA standard batteries for the alarm function are included Ref No. EAN 4003318 0496415 GRANIT DETECTO BLACK 55675 13 48mm 880g 0751712 GRANIT DETECTO BLUE 71804 13 48mm 880g 0602779 GRANIT DETECTO GREEN 19002 13 48mm 880g 0602786 GRANIT DETECTO RED 04301 13 48mm 880g 0557833 GRANIT DETECTO ORANGE 04301 7 13 48mm 880g 0522992 GRANIT DETECTO YELLOW 19002 5 13 48mm 880g SH8077 BRACKET 59474 8 0105119 8007 ADAPTOR CHAIN 12KS120 59472 bikegear.co.uk Weight 01384 410384 dealer.feridax.com FUELING YOUR PASSION FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS