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286 FERIDAX RANGE 2019 KEY SERVICE / THE ABUS SECURITY LEVEL SYSTEM ABUS KEY SERVICE ABUS REPLACEMENT KEYS The purchase of a lock is the starting point for the service at ABUS. It includes easy and secure orders for spare keys, replacement keys in case you lose one and for keyed-alike security solutions. In the case of X-Plus and Plus cylinders, the ABUS Code Card is the long term documentation of the key code. Even after years, the lock and key are compatible and retrofitable. By the Code Card we are able to produce spare keys or even build a completely new lock! A further service we provide is the production of keyed alike products. 0501942 ABUS REPLACEMENT KEY-EC (46,6000,896,895,894,RS1-3)[26766 6] 0497566 ABUS REPLACEMENT KEY-PLUS KEYS [06227-8]-SPECIAL ORDER 0501959 ABUS REPLACEMENT KEY LIGHTED-PLUS KEYS [35757 2]-SPECIAL 0513372 ABUS REPLACEMENT KEY-STANDARD KEYS [02674-4]-SPECIAL ORDER 0501966 ABUS REPLACEMENT KEY-STANDARD KEYS [02675-1]-SPECIAL ORDER 0501973 ABUS REPLACEMENT KEY-X PLUS KEYS [24657 9]-SPECIAL ORDER 0501980 ABUS REPLACEMENT KEY LIGHTED-X PLUS KEYS [35756-5]-SPECIAL 0535749 ABUS REPLACEMENT KEY NW72 [54753 9]-SPECIAL ORDER That means, that different products with the same cylinder (for example various motorbike locks or combinations of motorbike locks and padlocks) can be operated with one single key. The production of new keys is done only at the ABUS plants for security reasons. After a few days you can receive the key from your local retailer. The key service is offered exclusively via retailers. Please note the following surcharges: ❯ For keyed alike locks: Surcharge 10% ❯ For keyed alike locks as per sample key: Surcharge 25% THE ABUS LEVEL SYSTEM TEST SEALS The ABUS Level System serves as a guide to help you choose the right lock for your purpose. The evaluation of each lock is based on three different factors: ABUS locks are tested and acknowledged by independent, neutral test institutes in several European countries.The following test seals confirm the extraordinary security of the ABUS 2-Wheel locks: ❯ 75% Security and resistance to attacks: features such as shackle diameter and materials, locking and cylinder technology ❯ 20% Ease-of-use: features such as flexible universal carriers, automatic locking systems or user-friendly shapes ❯ 5% Design: aspects underlining the special value of the ABUS products Test Seal of the Svensk Brand- och Säkerhetscertifiering AB – Stockholm, Sweden Test Seal of the Norges Forsikringsforbund – Oslo, Norway ❯ Maximum Security ❯ Multi Comfort ❯ Innovative Design Test Seal of the Vahinkovakuutusyhtiöiden Hyväksymä – Helsinki, Finland Test Seal of the Vakuutusyhtiöiden Hyväksymä laite – Helsinki, Finland Test Seal of Stichting ART – The Netherlands ❯ Extra Security ❯ All-round Comfort ❯ Creative Design Test Seal of the THATCHAM VEHICLE SECURITY – Great Britain Test Seal of OSIMZ, Moscow, Russia The ABUS Level System – the ultimate, user-friendly selling aid. Test Seal of VdS Cologne, Germany ❯ Standard Security ❯ Basic Comfort ❯ Modern Design ABUS Seal for Ice Spray Test Volmarstein, Germany Rate Award of the “Stiftung Warentest” – Berlin, Germany VSF Quality Seal, Germany These acknowledgements are based on ABUS internal product tests in the company test laboratory. Here, ABUS test the locks on their security and durability in large scale tests. The resulting standards form the basis of the ABUS Level System customer-friendly classification system. FUELING YOUR PASSION FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS 01384 410384 dealer.feridax.com bikegear.co.uk