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258 FERIDAX RANGE 2019 spidiuk.com LEATHER SUITS spidiuk TRACK WIND PRO SPIDI experience in MotoGP and World Superbike series generated a perfect mix of performance and design: the Track Wind Pro Tracksuit. Bovine Hard leather Neoprene inserts Multitech/Biomechanic/Forcetech protectors BLACK/RED/YELLOW - 088 SIZES: 38-48 Removable mesh lining Neoprene cuff Optional elbow sliders Lower pant leg of comfortable material Arrangement for holding Hydroback bag Knee protector adjustable positioning Flexible construction Arrangement for holding Warrior Chest/Thorax Warrior Chest Arrangement for holding CE (Lev. 2) back protector Arrangement for holding CE (Lev. 1) back protector Y120-088 BLACK/WHITE/GOLD - 526 SIZES: 38-48 Y120-526 BLACK/RED/WHITE SIZES: 40-48 Y120-071 FUELING YOUR PASSION FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS 01384 410384 dealer.feridax.com bikegear.co.uk