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252 FERIDAX RANGE 2019 spidiuk.com LEATHER JACKETS spidiuk TITANIUM - P164-369 BLACK - P164-026 BROWN - P164-044 Garage is a leather jacket with a classic design, equipped with the innovative Warrior Lite protections that maximize the concept of protection and comfort. GARAGE JACKET FUELING YOUR PASSION FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS 01384 410384 dealer.feridax.com SIZES: 36 - 48 Arrangement for back protector CE Lev.1 Z54 Arrangement for holding CE (Lev. 2) back protector Z172 Warrior Protectors certified EN 1621-1 Level 1 shoulders & ellbows 50% waterproof garment Arrangement for optional thermo lining L30 man Arrangement for optional H2Out lining X47 man Step in Clothing: layered clothing system optional Vents Average weight 2,0 Kg Adjustable waist fastening Cotton lining Cowhide, 1.0/1.2 mm thick, high fitting performance Washed leather jacket with increased comfort and style Premium leather tanned in Italy bikegear.co.uk