Feridax Product Range Feridax_2019 - Page 211

211 BIKE COVERS Fully breathable in ultra-strong, non-scratch black high grade polyester fabric. HARD PARTS Seams are heat sealed on the inside to ensure better waterproofing. Latest generation material Highly water resistant Light & compressible for easy storage 100% UV resistant & very durable. Reinforced metal eyelets in the front & rear wheel area of the covers, allowing locking cables / lock chains or other devices to secure both bike & cover. Centre under-strap prevents billowing, or ballooning in windy conditions Supplied with a zipped storage bag suitably sized to allow easy repacking Both hand & machine washable & full care / usage instructions can be supplied with each cover. 12 month comprehensive warranty Reinforced metal eyelets in front and rear wheel areas for attaching locking cables, heavy duty chains and security devices. These covers fit even the largest of luxury tourer yet fold away to take minimal storage space whilst on the move. 1. (SMALL) SMALL SCOOTERS AND TRADITIONAL 125CC BIKES Max Length of bike 220cm long, Max Width of bike 70cm wide This cover suits most traditional scooters & commuter scooters with small screens & is large enough to accommodate standard fit top boxes. Also suits standard traditional naked bikes up to 125cc 2. (MEDIUM) NAKED SPORTS BIKES Max Length of bike 220cm long, Max Width of bike 90cm wide This cover suits modern sports bikes with sports screens & front fairings & traditional naked bikes with larger engines (over 125cc). Will not accommodate top boxes, back rests or rear carriers SPADA CHAIN TOOLS 0294257 SPADA CHAIN BREAKER & RIVET TOOL SET 0908581 SPADA CHAIN BREAKER & RIVET TOOL REPLACEMENT PIN PK2 0333178 SPADA CHAIN BREAKER-FLARE PIN 0474192 SPADA PROFESSIONAL CHAIN BREAKER & RIVET TOOL SET 3. (LARGE/X-LARGE) XL TOURING BIKES Max Length of bike 240cm long, Max Width of bike 100cm wide This cover suits sport touring & performance cruiser bikes, including touring low screens & slender panniers where fitted. 4. (ADVENTURE) ADVENTURE TOUR 800CC+ WITH TOP BOX & PANNIERS Max Length of bike 260cm long, Max Width of bike 110cm wide This cover suits tourers, luxury tourers & adventure bikes including touring low screens, full size panniers & large top boxes. MOTORCYCLE COVERS 0491311 SPADA MOTORCYCLE COVER-SMALL [SMALL SCOOTERS/TRAD.125’s] 802 0491335 SPADA MOTORCYCLE COVER-LARGE/X-L [TOURING NO LUGGAGE] 808 0491328 SPADA MOTORCYCLE COVER-MEDIUM [NAKEDS & SPORTS BIKES] 804 0491342 SPADA MOTORCYCLE COVER-ADVENTURE [800cc+ c/w LUGGAGE] 809 CLICK.COLLECT.RIDE. Get your Spada stuff where you want it - when you want it.