Feridax Product Range Feridax_2019 - Page 167

167 BASE LAYERS 1 5 BLACK SIZES: SEE BELOW SIZES: SEE BELOW The soft brushed pile on the inside of our Chill Factor garments holds and spreads the moisture until it is transported through the layers. It also traps air next to the body ensuring the skin feels drier and warmer for longer. Windproof membrane Lightweight and flexible 100% polyester 8 Breathable Thermal Fleece lined 1. LONG SLEEVE SIZES: Ladies: 8-16 Mens: S - 3XL 2. Balaclava SIZES: One Size 3. body shield SIZES: One Size 2 3 4 4. Neck Guard SIZES: One Size 5. SHORT SLEEVE SIZES: Ladies: XS - XL Mens: S - 3XL 6. Inner Gloves SIZES: Unisex: XS - XL 7. boot liner SIZES: Unisex: XS - XL 8. Trousers SIZES: Ladies: 8-16 Mens: S - 3XL 6 7 CLICK.COLLECT.RIDE. Get your Spada stuff where you want it - when you want it. MERINO WOOL MERINO WOOL