FEMS Affiliates Letter August 2018

Also in this issue PUBLICATIONS / GRANTS CORNER / FEMS MEMBERS / OPPORTUNITIES / DEADLINES Affiliates Letter  The official newsletter for FEMS Affiliates Meet FEMS Delegate Anastasiya Sidarenka Dr. Anastasiya Sidarenka is FEMS Delegate of the Belarussian Non-governmental Association of Microbiologists. As an experienced researcher in the area of microbial physiology and genetics, she is the principle investigator on the projects aimed at molecular detection of plant pathogenic bacteria and fungi and application of microorganisms for plant protection from diseases. Don’t miss an update It seems miles away, but soon the countdown for FEMS 2019 will will begin. Don’t want to miss an update on everything the Congress has to offer? Then sign up now for the FEMS Congress newsletter. Her research interests also in- clude the study of human gut microbiota and microbiota of extreme Antarctic ecosystems. In 2017, the first time after a long stalemate period in the history of Be- larusian Microbiological Society (BNAM) organized the Congress of Mi- crobiologists of Belarus. This marker event rallied microbiologists from different parts of the country to discuss the current state and identify key trends for the development of microbiological science in Belarus, share successes and challenges facing members in their research work, consolidate the efforts for solving important public problems. BNAM has been a full Member of FEMS since 2010 and is currently led by a group of dedicated Belarussian scientists. We asked Dr Anastasiya Sidarenka what it means to be part of this community. “BNAM is a national professional society joining together microbiolo- gists and biotechnologists from academic and industrial sectors to pro- mote research and development, improve professional skills, assist in the introduction of the scientific inventions and innovations into the real Continues on page 2 Delftechpark 37A, 2628 XJ Delft, The Netherlands T: +31 15 302 0050 | E: fems@fems-microbiology.org aug 2018