FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER 2018 Feb Newsletter 2018

National Oil Signs a Major Contract With Hyrax Oil SDN of Malysia. 01 National Oil Signs a Major Contract with Hyrax Oil SDN of Malysia 02 Ministry of Energy Split into Two 03 Handover of Mwakichuchu Secondary School Development in Taita Taveta County 04 ISO Certification Training 05 Resource Workshop First Oil Committee 06 Corporate Performance Half Year 2017/2018 We did it! Teams from both companies celebrate the signing of the contract. National Oil signed a milestone lubricants partnership agreement with a Malaysian company Hyrax Oil SDN to grow our lubricants business. The Corporation has identified Hyrax Oil SDN as a strong and strategic partner in the lubricants market to grow its brand and market share. Previously, National Oil has relied on local blenders to meet its growing lubricants requirements however these have failed to meet the growing needs of the company. The move comes at a time when National Oil plans to increase its brand strength and double market share in the next three years. CEO signs the Contract www.nationaloil.co.ke